Grief Counselling

The Henseleit Family of Springfield Funeral Home understands that grief is a journey one is not meant to walk alone; and when a loved one dies, that is precisely how you feel—alone. So the staff at Springfield are committed to serving, not just your immediate needs for funeral service, but your heart needs as well. That is why they have opted to have a staff counsellor trained to attend specifically to After Care.

Grief Counseling with Clair Jantzen

Mr. Clair Jantzen, MA, Certified Grief Counsellor, heads our After Care programs. He is accessible by calling Springfield Funeral Home at (250) 860-7077 or by email at [email protected].

Compassion in the Hard Places is a workshop facilitated by Clair Jantzen dealing with End of Life issues.

Individual and family grief counselling is available by appointment in the Grief Resources Office of the Funeral Home. For Group support, we recommend a number of local support groups such as and

Annual Family Christmas Program is  an uplifting, hopeful program of music, readings and refreshments, designed to help you through the first Christmas Season without your loved one. It is put on each December.

Books and DVD’s

For dealing with loss and the resulting grief, we suggest the following books and videos:

» Tears in a Bottle: Stories of life and loss, by Clair Jantzen (available for purchase at the funeral home)
» Where is God When it Hurts, by Philip Yancey
» Surviving Grief and Learning to Live Again, by Dr. Catherine M. Sanders
» A Child’s Grief (DVD)
» A Taste of Blackberries (DVD)
» Understanding Grief: Kids Helping Kids (DVD)
» Driving to Utopia (DVD)
» Saying Goodbye (DVD)
» My Sergei (DVD)