How I Balance

July 4, 2014

How I balance


Helping others in highly emotional states can be quite a task.  Especially when those I help are in any one of our good old human emotions that we are born with.  Not just sadness but anger, frustration, indifference and even excitement that I see on a daily basis.  I think most people believe that because I am exposed to this so often in our career that it takes a toll on my mental health.  While we do sit with these people for lengths of time we are still working, we do have specific training to guard ourselves from burnout. 

By no means are we bullet proof, but I do take my career seriously and I am able to put their family first and educate them as best I can.  Seeing transformations in families when I empower them with choices really does feed my passion for helping people. 


Now I do meet family’s that don’t respond well to the situation they are in, or how I may try to be helping them so that satisfaction of helping others may not always be present, which in turn can bring some stress.  


Having a strong foundation of personal happiness and family support is key in my line of work.  I’ve learned over the years that a good healthy lifestyle day in and out is how I prepare myself to help others.  I make time for my personal hobbies and relationships much the same as I do my work.  

I don’t leave things to chance, I prepare. 

Waiting until I have a day off to book a tee time won’t get me on the green so I book as soon as I know my schedule.  I have also learned what it is that gives me personal happiness; time with my family is number one on my list.  Any time I can get in with them comes first, playing sports with them, well that is just heaven!


The balance


The golf game I enjoy with my wife would not be enjoyable if I was stewing over a conversation I had with a co-worker, or worrying about the timeline for a funeral service I have with a family. 


Handling the stress properly in the first place.  Jump on any issues and concerns with coworkers and families immediately.  It really is as simple as that for me. 


Out of anyone in the office I would be voted “Most likely to” have a question answered or dealt with within 6 seconds of an issue coming up.  I also am the quickest to the break room if muffins or cinnamon bun aroma is in the air.  This attribute of dealing with things as soon as I find out about them makes for an efficient funeral director, nothing is left to the last minute and the stress of getting to my “to do list” is almost non-existent.  This is my balancing act. 











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