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September 8, 1935 — February 18, 2024

On February 18, 2024, the eccentric and witty Samara Carrier, who was an artist-in-residence at the Château Lake Louise for over 45 years, went home to meet her Heavenly Father, at the age of 88.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Samara would spend her summers in the Rocky Mountains. Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, and Kananaskis would inspire her brush strokes on canvas. Samara became renowned for her mastery of painting, embarking on her serious artistic journey at the age of 25 with a dedication that quickly distinguished her work. Under the guidance of esteemed Grand Masters, she honed her skills. Wolves emerged as a recurring motif in her body of work, showcasing her profound understanding and captivating portrayal of these majestic creatures. While her expertise in depicting wolves became a defining characteristic of her artistry, Samara’s talent transcended boundaries; she possessed the remarkable ability to breathe life into any subject matter she tackled, demonstrating versatility and ingenuity in her artistic expression. Her dedication showed in her journaling, she documented everything. Her art collection from other artists was beautiful. And, Samara’s passion wasn’t limited to the canvas, she liked philosophy, expressed herself with words through poetry, and advocated the importance of sharing art with others. One of these ways was founding The Samara Carrier Academies of Art, Artists Unlimited. As a teacher, she would share her belief with her students, “Your talent is in direct proportion to your desire to learn.”

It’s no surprise that Samara harboured a deep love for the great outdoors. In her youth, she thrived as an enthusiastic cross-country skier and avid hiker. As a grandmother, she passed on her adventurous spirit to her grandchild, orchestrating dog sled journeys and horseback explorations. Her resourcefulness knew no bounds, exemplified by her installation of floodlights in her yard, enabling her to tend to her beloved garden under the cover of night as she had developed an allergy to the sun in her later years. Sharing her garden with others was her hallmark; she often cut roses, placing them in vases along her driveway for passersby to take with them. Wherever she went, whether to the eye doctor or church, she carried with her the gift of flower arrangements, and a bag of art cards, a gesture of light and beauty. At its peak, her garden boasted an impressive array of over 250 rose bushes. Samara had the joy of being selected as one of the participants of the Kelowna Art Garden Walk 2016.

Samara’s personality was a kaleidoscope of eccentricity and uniqueness, she would joke that the difference between eccentricity and insanity was… well, money, of course! With a steadfast commitment to positivity, she embraced the power of affirmations, encouraging herself and others to speak in ‘I AM’s,’ such as “I AM powerful”, or “I AM doing this”, affirming her and their strength and capabilities. Captivating in her presence, she exuded an aura. Her wit was delightful; she would playfully evade inquiries about her age with the declaration, ‘I am eternal.’ Deeply attuned to the rhythms of life, and spirituality, Samara sought balance in all aspects of existence, navigating life paths with grace and purpose. Beyond her philosophical musings, she found joy in the art of ballroom dancing and collecting antique china. She derived satisfaction from her ventures in real estate, investments, further enriching the tapestry of her multifaceted personality.

Samara gave, she gave of herself through her art, her garden, her time, and even her finances. She was involved in a lot of charity work, Wolf Haven International was one of her favourites as well as mission work in Africa — where they built schools, drilled water wells and supported the communities there. Her generosity made this world, not only a better place, but a more beautiful one as well. She is going to be dearly missed, we are grateful for all the different legacies she has left us with.

Most of all, she is going to be missed by her surviving family: her daughter, Kory Carrier (Rod Grundy); her granddaughter Helena LaPointe; and her great-grandchildren Katelynn and Matthew Thompson. In heaven, she has a host of family waiting for her, including both her husbands, George (Blackie) Peeler & Joseph Carrier; her siblings Pat, Raymond, and Rayana; and her parents Helen & James McKelvie.

Until we meet again.

A Funeral Service will be held on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2024, at 11:00 AM (PST), at the KELOWNA CHRISTIAN CENTER: 905 Badke Road, Kelowna, BC. If you are unable to attend in person, please join the family online by Livestream at the time of the service (see below). Samara will be laid to rest in the Murray Ville Cemetery after a graveside service with family in Langley, BC.

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The Livestream link, provided by the Church, can be accessed by clicking here at the time of the Funeral Service.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at 11:00 AM

Kelowna Christian Center

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