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Pre-Planning 101 Seminar For Small Groups

Getting Your Ducks In Order

Are you part of a small group, a dinner club or perhaps a walking group, a group of artists, or a bridge club. The list is endless. Did you know that you could take your group to a whole different level by having a group presentation, designed specifically for your group, at a location of your choice, regarding the importance of getting end of life affairs in order. For some, this topic is on the list of 'to do' but many ask, "How do I get started?" We can help you. Learn about: simplifying your executors job, how to make informed decisions, the importance of family discussions and much more. Call Tania Tavares, 250-860-7077,, to discuss details on a private group seminar. No charge or obligation to attendees. Seminars are for educational purposes only. No sales or solicitation will occur.

Grief Resources

We recognize the value of grief support groups and grief resources that help with the grief journey. We have a dedicated page to assist you with finding both local and provincial resources that will assist you as you work through the loss of loved one. Please visit our Grief Resources page for further information.

These events are for educational purpose only. No sales or solicitation will occur.