About Us

Founded in 1981 and serving the entire Kelowna area, Springfield Funeral Home has developed a reputation for compassionate, caring service with a warm, personal touch. Our hallmark is to provide a deeply meaningful memorial service that celebrates a person’s unique life, while also offering comfort and closure for family and friends.

Besides any official titles, all of us at Springfield Funeral Home steadfastly refer to ourselves as Memorial Care Assistants, because we feel that this title is an appropriate representation of our service to you and your family. We’re here for you in the most trying times, and utilize our experience and creativity to help you appropriately remember and honour your loved one. Our family is here to assist yours, every step of the way.

It has always been about connection and family. Above all else we want our community to feel connected to their roots.

- Gretel Henseleit

Our Family Caring For Yours

Richard Henseleit
General Manager

Richard was born in Edmonton, AB, and was raised in the Okanagan. By age eight, his father introduced him to funeral work by giving him basic cleaning responsibilities at the chapel ("Dad showed me exactly how to detail and clean the funeral cars," recalls Richard.) Upon completing his post-secondary education in Vancouver and marrying in 1990, he began his full-time career with the family business. Richard serves as general manager of Springfield Funeral Home, leading a team of three managers, six licensed funeral directors, and 13 support staff. He and his wife Michelle have four children, Talina, Conrad, Alexander and Nicholas. Richard's personal interests revolve around family: outdoor activities such as motorcycle riding, snowboarding, and camping, graphic arts, and photography.

David Henseleit
Service Manager

David was born in Vernon, BC, and, like his brother Richard, was brought up with the exacting demands of quality and attention to detail in regards to the funeral business, where his charming and outgoing personality made him a natural. David graduated from the funeral director licensing program in 1990 and was awarded that year’s academic excellence award. David's primary responsibilities revolve around customer service, staffing, quality control, and public relations. David and his wife Andrea have two sons, Joel and Andrew. David’s interests include sports of all kinds, hiking and being outdoors. He’s also always quick to share a good joke.

Werner and Gretel Henseleit

Werner and his wife, Gretel, began their funeral profession in Vernon, BC in 1975. Giving up their partnership in the (then) Pleasant Valley Memorial Chapel, they opened the Springfield Funeral Home in Kelowna in 1981. Werner passed away in 2010, but his commitment, dedication to caring, and excellent service have worked their way into every aspect of the company. Werner and Gretel have four children, Richard and David who now own and manage the funeral home, Angela Klassen (Brad), and Daniel. Their families, including 9 grandchildren, all live in Kelowna.

Memorial Care Assistants

Family / Memorial Care Assistants / Support Staff
Burke Sanbrooks
Senior Director

Burke was born and raised in Kelowna. He began his funeral and embalming apprenticeship with Reardon’s Funeral Service of Tabor Alberta in 1980. In January 1990, he began a very productive and fulfilling relationship with the Henseleits and Springfield Funeral Home, where today Burke serves as assistant operations manager. His caring nature and personal commitment to helping families through their experience of loss have benefited our community many times over. In 1985 Burke, was married to Liana Klassen, and they have two sons: Joel and Jeremy. Burke’s personal interests include camping, fishing, golfing, playing and watching hockey (Go Canucks!!!)

Clair Jantzen
Funeral Director and Counsellor

Clair Jantzen was born in Holland while his parents were serving as missionaries. After completing his high school education in Germany, he returned to Canada to complete his BA and MA in Clinical Counselling degrees. After graduating in 1984, Clair became a director of the Genesis Counselling Centre in Otterburne, Manitoba. Following some business ventures in Kitchener, Ontario, Clair moved his family to Kelowna in 1998 and began working for Springfield Funeral Home as both a funeral director apprentice and as the After Care program counsellor. Clair’s years of experience as a funeral director and in counselling add much to the service level offered by Springfield Funeral Home. His family, which includes wife Rachel, married daughter Danielle (Shaun Fell) and son Warren, are active in our community. Clair’s interests include cycling, reading, singing, hiking, watching movies, and travel.

Dave Anderson
Funeral Director

Dave was born in Magrath, Alberta, the middle child of six. Growing up in rural small town prairie settings has formed in Dave an appreciation for community and family values. His funeral home career began early and, in 1982, he received his Funeral Director’s License while working for his brother-in-law in Westlock, Alberta. His many years of experience have moulded Dave into a truly professional funeral director and a compassionate person; his strong and quiet demeanor bring a reassuring calm to the people he serves. Dave enjoys his time with his 4 daughters and his interests include hiking, triathlons and family activities. Dave took on an ultimate personal challenge by taking part in Canada’s Iron Man Competition in Penticton in 1998. He finished the gruesome triathlon somewhere in the middle of the 1700 participants.

Connie Kimmich
Funeral Director

Connie is the youngest of three children and had the privilege of growing up here in Kelowna. She started working with us in 1999, her duties included keeping our prearrangement records up to date and assisting office staff. Her creative abilities have assisted families in the presentation of various displays which add the special touch and personalization we so value at Springfield Funeral Home. After the loss of her parents, she completed her Funeral Director License and now continues to care for others with sensitivity and compassion. Connie and her husband love to travel and, when given the opportunity, enjoy sailing, boating and scuba diving.

Jeff Sully
Funeral Director

Jeff is new to the Okanagan and B.C. Another import from the prairies, Jeff began his career in the local funeral home in his hometown of Biggar, SK. A prairie boy through and through, Jeff values the family, community, and social aspects of every person he serves. Jeff has served in small town communities to large city centres and everything in between. This has allowed him to collect a vast amount of knowledge and experience that has proven to be invaluable to him. He is known for his easy going, stress free attitude and is quick to share his sense of humour. A self-proclaimed funeral "lifer", he can guide you through every worry or care that may come up. In his spare time, Jeff likes socializing with friends, soaking up the sun, going for a round of golf and spending time with his family. He is an avid sports fan and brings with him all that Rider Pride!

Sheila Silvester
Pre-Planning Consultant

Sheila and her husband Les have been long time friends of the Henseleit family and have lived in Kelowna since 1991. Sheila has been with Springfield Funeral Home since 1996 and serves as a Pre-arrangement Consultant. Her charming, professional manner is evident in the extra care she takes to ensure that her clients’ personal wishes are reflected in their arrangements. Sheila and her husband Les have two grown children and three lovely grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys music and interior decorating.

Janet Biggs
Pre-Planning Consultant

Janet moved to Kelowna from the BC lower mainland in 1993, and has been part of the Springfield family since 1999. She serves as a Pre-arrangement Consultant, helping folks make their final arrangements. Her skill at listening and her genuine care and concern for people make her a valued member of our team. She and her husband, Stan, have a special son, Jonathon. During her leisure time, Janet enjoys her book club, Tai Chi and chai tea!

Yvonne Sloan
Office Manager and Receptionist

Yvonne was born in Norquay, Saskatchewan, the third of 5 children. She and her husband, Ron, have two grown children, Michael and Christa. Yvonne serves in the capacity of office manager and receptionist. Her excellent administrative and graphic artistic abilities have helped in the providing of hundreds of meaningful and personalized services in her career with Springfield Funeral Home. In her spare time Yvonne enjoys sailing, biking, reading and sewing.

Support Staff

Family / Memorial Care Assistants / Support Staff
Marlene Engel
Accounting, Pre-Planning, Administration

Marlene was born in Winkler, Manitoba, the only girl in a family of seven children. She was raised in Southern California, moving to Kelowna in 1972. She is married to Doug and they have three children: Chris, Allison and Michelle. Marlene assists with accounting, pre-arrangement and office administration.

Mary Anne Ward
Family Care Counsellor

Mary Anne was born in small town Manitoba in 1954, the third youngest of eight children. Mary Anne came to Kelowna in 1972 and considers Kelowna her home, loving the beauty of our wonderful city. Her background in the banking industry and her personal experience of the loss of her husband have given her the sensitivity and professional skills required as our Family Care Advisor. Mary Anne provides “hands-on” assistance with the paperwork, notifications, and basic documentation needs that must be dealt with following a loss. In her spare time, Mary Anne enjoys travelling, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Anita Engel
Office Assistant

Anita was born in Burlington, Ontario, the third of five girls. Her family moved from Ontario in 1973 to be closer to extended family living in the Okanagan. She is married to Cal and they have two grown children, Matthew and Corinne. Anita is part of our office staff, and in her spare time enjoys traveling and spending time with family.