Why should I pre-plan my funeral?

Pre-planning a funeral is one of the smartest things you can do, for both you and your loved ones. Springfield Funeral Home is an advocate of pre-planning and offers several funeral themes to make the process easier and even enjoyable. We’re here to help, any way we can.

1. Help ease your family burden

When you die, whether it was expected or not, your loves ones may experience a mix of conflicting emotions characterized by sadness, disorientation, uncertainty, inner and external turmoil, etc. Often, the last thing they want to do is plan a funeral.

You can ease their burden immensely by pre-planning. This allows your family to bond together while reconnecting with your memories, without having to be overwhelmed by arrangement details.

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2. Avoid financial issues and save money

Pre-planning your funeral with Springfield Funeral Home ensures there are no family arguments over "who pays" (which are far more common than you think). Pre-planning can also save money, as you "lock in" today's prices, even if the funeral occurs a decade from now.

We'll be happy to go over all financial aspects with you, including payment plans and tax advantages. We'll also help secure any funding available from government or other agencies. We keep track of such opportunities.

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3. Be in Control

Have the funeral that best reflects who you are.

Your pre-planned funeral arrangements are made rationally, at a less emotional time. This allows for substantial peace of mind, because you know that your wishes will be carried out the way you want them to be.

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I would be horrified if I had to make decisions about my parents and I did not know their wishes. In fact, it's brought up lots of conversations even with our siblings about, you know, "What do you want when that time comes?

- Donna Condon

Reconnection Themes

Pre-planned Funerals

As a start, we offer the following themes for pre-planned funerals, which allow you to have the exact service you desire. These are basic themes that can also be customized/expanded upon, to suit your wishes.

Private Funeral

This is a quiet, intimate funeral for family and close friends... i.e.: "just for us." It’s perfect for the individual who wants family and select friends close by, but would rather not have a large group of people "making a fuss."

  • Private, cozy, and intimate
  • Quiet and respectful
  • A loving tribute for family
  • Customizable services, such as music and décor

Community Funeral

For those who want all of those they have touched to share in their service, this theme can accommodate almost any size crowd. It's about inviting others alongside, acknowledging their loss as well. Perfect for those who always enjoyed being surrounded by loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

  • Larger venues accommodating almost any size gathering
  • Ample space for memorials, mementos, flowers and more
  • Customizable services, such as music, décor, A/V and digital media presentations, etc.

Okanagan Nature Funeral

A wonderful way to celebrate the outdoors. This theme is perfect for those who found themselves loving the abundance of nature that we enjoy here in the Okanagan. We offer a variety of outdoor venues that will ensure your service is the perfect mix of life celebration and natural beauty.

  • A variety of outdoor venues that will respect your love of nature
  • Seasonal venues ensure your wishes will be met
  • Customizable services, such as music, décor and hands-on participation designed to make the day engaging and memorable

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