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Why Should I Pre-Plan?

Many families struggle with funeral arrangements when they don't know how to honor the one they have lost. That's why we are advocates of pre-planning and offer several funeral themes to help make the process easier.

Pre-planning a funeral removes the burden from your family. It's smart, sensible, and one of the kindest things you can do for your loved ones.

Help Your Family Heal

At this emotional time, your friends and family may experience confusion, depression, and inner and external turmoil, and planning a funeral can be overwhelming. By pre-planning, you create a time and space where your loved ones can come together to grieve, bond, and reflect on your life with love.

Financial and Emotional Benefits

The death of a loved one is an emotionally charged time, and stress can lead to arguments over payments and financial issues.

Pre-planning a funeral at today's price guards against rising funeral costs and inflation; but most importantly, it relieves your family from the concern and confusion of making difficult decisions while they are grieving.

Plan for the Future

No one knows what lies ahead in life, but careful planning can help us deal with the difficult times we face. Pre-planning your funeral secures each detail to meet your specific requirements and your budget.

Arranging a memorable ceremony is a final gift to the ones you love, and it lets you share your story and your most cherished moments - one last time.

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Reconnection Themes

If you are pre-planning a funeral, the following themes can help you create a unique and meaningful service. Each theme can be expanded and personalized to suit your wishes and ensure your service is exactly what you want, and one that people will remember fondly for years to come.

Community Celebration

Community Celebration

  • Welcoming the network of relationships impacted by the life and death of the one being honoured
  • Ample space for memorials, mementos, flowers and more
  • Customizable services such as music, décor, A/V and digital media presentations, etc.
Private Gathering

Private Gathering

  • Private, cozy, and intimate
  • Quiet and respectful
  • A loving tribute for family
  • Customizable services such as music and décor
Nature Alternatives

Outdoor Alternatives

  • A variety of outdoor venues that will respect your love of nature
  • Seasonal venues ensure your wishes will be met
  • Customizable services, such as music, décor and hands-on participation