Harold Huber

June 26, 2019

We had many friends and relatives that were not able to come to the service so we found the live-stream capabilities was HUGE.  David Henseleit and the staff were professional, courteous and friendly, helping us with things we did not think of and always gave constructive advice and alternatives.  Springfield went beyond due diligence.

Michael Pawluk

March 4, 2019

The service of the staff at this funeral home is beyond exceptional.  They certainly go an extra mile to help out.  It was comforting to have David Henseleit assist us with all the arrangements.  It was much easier dealing with the loss of a loved one when there is so much care and support provided.

Dennis Hunt

February 13, 2019

Both my parents funerals were handled by Springfield Funeral Home.  Our family is thankful for how they handle people going through the loss of a loved one.

Coleen Cheal

January 18, 2019

Springfield Funeral Home’s family care department was very helpful to us when my Dad passed in 2013.  They got us started with a pre-payment plan in anticipation for my Mom’s passing.  We were very grateful for their foresight in our situation.  I would highly recommend your place of business to others.  

Tanya Pritchard

December 22, 2018

David Henseleit, in my opinion, is one of the most thorough and professional people I’ve encountered in any service industry.  He works tirelessly.  The staff at Springfield Funeral Home treated my mother like she was their mother.  There was respect and caring both for the loved one and the living.

Bette Humphries

December 22, 2018

Everything was perfect from burial to service and service to reception…seamlessly done.  I strongly recommend Springfield Funeral Home to family and friends.  This is our family’s fourth funeral with them and each one was handled with dignity and heart-felt sympathy.

Ingrid Bloomfield

December 22, 2018

Everything was perfect.  Keep up the good work!  The service you provide is above and beyond expectations.  Thank you.