Estate Plan

A funeral plan is just one of several components of a well-done Estate Plan. An Estate Plan will help your family settle your affairs when you die and will provide guidance in situations where you are not able to speak for yourself. A well done Estate Plan covers different situations that may arise. We recommend that people look into creating several other documents, namely a Will, Power of Attorney, Representation Agreement and a Living Will.

A current Will is a very important document that should clearly outline what you want done with your assets after you die. It’s important to realize that the government has a set of rules in place that will apply if you do not have a Will in place. This is where things can lead to unfortunate and unintended consequences. So a Will is something you can do to take the guesswork out of the process and make sure that your assets are allocated in accordance with your wishes.

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A Power of Attorney is another important document that you should look at as part of your Estate Plan. It gives power to an individual, who does not have to be a lawyer by the way, to sign on your behalf for things that have financial implications if you are unable to do so yourself. Granting someone the Power of Attorney can be a challenging decision, but it’s better than the alternative where the government steps in to speak on your behalf.

If you were to add Health Directives to your Power of Attorney, you would end up with a document called a Representation Agreement. Health Directives (which are part of a Living Will are a set of guidelines for how medical care should be administered if you are in no capacity to speak for yourself and make decisions. This includes anything from the level of care that you may want, all the way to saying "You know, if I can't live without mechanical help, it's OK to pull the plug and let me die naturally." A Representation Agreement is required for your family and doctors to be able to do that. A lawyer will be able to help you with all these documents.

We strongly advise that you keep other things like your Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Social Insurance Number, family history, insurance papers, etc together and in a safe yet accessible place. Let your Next of Kin know where those documents are. And, of course, if any of the above choices change, make sure to update your paperwork accordingly.