On-Site Crematorium in Kelowna

For total peace of mind, you want to deal with a funeral home that has an on-site crematorium. This way you can be certain that the cremation will be done at the crematorium on-site, actually inside the funeral home, and not at another location.

Springfield Funeral Home has an on-site crematorium, right here in Kelowna. We are a family owned funeral home and are known for true compassion, deep care and uncompromising professionalism – as you can see from any of our testimonial videos. You can feel confident in knowing that our on-site crematorium is run in the same manner.

We have been serving Kelowna and surrounding area since 1981. We anticipated the popularity of cremation years ago and have built an on-site crematorium at our funeral home to accommodate this need. We have been offering on-site cremation services to our community ever since 1995.

If you are interested in finding out more about cremation, please give us a call – 250.860.7077. We will give you a no-obligation tour of our funeral home that can include a visit to our on-site crematorium, if you so desire.

We now invite you to watch a short video where Dave Henseleit talks about our on-site crematorium: