Reducing Costs of Cremation in Kelowna

Springfield is a family owned funeral home and crematorium in Kelowna. People often ask us how they can reduce the costs of cremation services.

We tell people that the best way to control cremation costs in Kelowna is to pre-plan and pre-pay for the associated expenses. This allows you to freeze the cost of cremation at today’s prices so you never have to worry about inflation. And if you are a healthy individual in your 50’s or 60’s there is a good chance that costs of cremation will double or tripple by the time you need to use our services.

But cremation is usually followed by some service or ceremony to say goodbye. This increases the cost of cremation, so keeping the service simple and allowing family members and friends to help with food preparation, beverages, flowers and other items will help keep costs down.

There are many factors that make up the final cost of cremation service. We invite you to watch the video below that talks about different aspects that can make up the service – besides cremation – and how they contribute to costs.