Initial Arrangement Consultation

The Initial Arrangement Consultation is designed to introduce you to our staff and our facility, and to secure the transition for care of the deceased’s body to our location. We want you to feel comfortable at our funeral home. If you have not pre-planned, the Initial Arrangement Consultation would take place with your loved ones after your passing. If you have prearranged your funeral, introductions would have been done then, and we would refer to the existing plan when we meet with your family to start to fill in the details. Needless to say, the Initial Arrangement Consultation is easier and less stressful for your family when you have pre-planned and put the guidelines in place.

The goal of the Initial Arrangement Consultation is to start talking. It’s done privately, over coffee and tea and some light refreshments, where we start putting together the funeral service and finding out what would make it truly meaningful. We believe that every life mattered and is a story to be told, cherished and remembered. Here at Springfield Funeral Home we don’t do cookie-cutter funerals. So it is very important to us to find out your values and beliefs in order to help create a memorial event that will reflect what is meaningful and important.

As a formality funeral homes are agents for Vital Statistics, and we are required to gather information on their behalf, in order to register the death event and produce the required Death Certificate(s). We need to know things like your full legal name, name at birth, date of birth, where you were born as well as your parent’s names and where they were born. So please keep that information handy.