Pre-Need Insurance Policies

A New Beginning – Assurant Life of Canada is now TruStage Life of Canada

Notification for our families regarding existing pre-need insurance: Assurant Life of Canada, now TruStage.

Springfield Funeral Home offers pre-need insurance policies designed to cover the expenses of funeral arrangements. By enrolling in one of our policies you have removed the burden from your family of the stress of complicated decisions during an already difficult time and from having to assume the costs of your funeral. With a policy in place your loved ones can then spend time grieving and reflecting together instead of making these decisions.

Your policy is secured and underwritten by Assurant® Life of Canada. The death benefit is designed to grow over time to help cover the rising cost of your funeral. At the time the policy needs to be fulfilled, your insurance proceeds will be issued to the funeral home responsible for your final arrangements. If there are any excess funds, over and above the cost of the funeral, they will be directed to a named beneficiary of your choosing, or they can be used to pay for any unanticipated expenses at the time of need.

Recently, Assurant Life of Canada was acquired by CUNA Mutual Group – a company committed to their customers and built on the principle of people helping people. Under CUNA Mutual Group, the Assurant brand will be known as and be underwritten by TruStage Life of Canada beginning January 1, 2022. Letters have been sent out by TruStage Life of Canada notifying all current policy holders of this change.

There will be no changes to your policy or benefits.

As part of Springfield Funeral Home’s commitment to the families that we serve, we want to assure you that our commitment to your needs remain unchanged. If you have any questions regarding your pre-need insurance policy, call our office at 250-860-7077.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this change to TruStage affect my policy or coverage I had with Assurant/ALOC?

  • There will be no changes to customer policies or benefits.
  • All contact phone numbers remain the same.

Will this change to TruStage affect my travel protection policy or coverage I had with Assurant/ALOC?

  • No, your policy number and contact phone number remain the same (1-888-977-3752).
  • You can continue to travel with the same peace of mind and security you had before.
  • For more information about Travel Protection contact our office.

I am making preauthorized monthly, quarterly, or annual payments, will this change?

  • There is no action required by you. Your bank or credit card statements will simply show TruStageLOC instead of AssurantLOC beginning January 1, 2022

What is the new website, email, and mailing address?

If I have further questions, or want to review my pre-need policy, who can I contact?

  • As always, you can contact our office to speak with our Pre-Planning Director, Charlotte Lutzer by calling 250-860-7077.