What You Need to Know When Planning a Funeral

October 31, 2019

Planning a funeral for a loved one is not only an emotional experience, but it can be overwhelming for those who don’t know where to start. Not only do you need to think about how to honour and memorialize someone who has meant so much to those around him or her, but there are also […]

No Service By Request: How a Funeral is Part of the Grieving Process

August 26, 2019

“No service by request.” It’s a line that at times appears at the end of an obituary denoting a request by a loved one that no funeral service be held after his or her death. It’s a simple four-word line that can carry serious implications for those left behind in their grief. It also brings […]

Truths About Grief

June 14, 2019

Grief is anything but predictable, and in a culture where grief is taboo, it’s no wonder it’s difficult to find the right words or truly help someone who has experienced a deep, deep loss. To help us understand what a grieving person really needs, we’ve interviewed internationally renowned grief counsellor Dr. Bill Webster, who will […]