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Richard “Dale” Bassingthwaighte – a skilled and proficient carpenter, an avid lover and trainer of dogs, prolific and skilled fisherman (though he’d often pin this to luck), responsible hunter and lover of wildlife, entrepreneur, competent orchardist and meticulous gardener, a keen and winsome storyteller (paying much attention to detail), always looking soigné and debonair, died on February 05th, 2022. His hamartia being Parkinson Disease.

Wanting to regard himself as a misanthrope he was actually very good with people and could be quite the charmer. He worked a property out toward Casa Loma on which he assiduously tended to a small orchard of peach trees. The peaches he grew were above and beyond. When customers would arrive to buy, he would often engage in badinage with them while allowing them to taste the wares. The peaches always dripped with juice and sweetness. Dale would say to them “Don’t pig lip it, just take a bite” and then grin.

His trade was carpentry, and he was a finishing carpenter. Dale always took pride in his work, avoiding short cuts and paying attention to detail. He ensured he did it right the “first time” and avoided “doing it twice”. He worked for several years with Team Construction being involved in the building of many beautiful homes, luxury homes, in and around Kelowna. He also worked on the Summerland Research and Development Centre. When asked by his mother if he was the ‘boss’, Dale responded with “I’m not the boss, I’m the ‘king’”.

Dale had a great passion for wildlife and the outdoors. Fervent in both hunting and fishing, he exhibited responsibility, care, and deftness in both. Friends and family would be regaled with lasting, keen & winsome story telling of his adventures. Black bears, coyote, and bucks, they pause this day in relief, let a tear fall and splash to the ground. The fish swim free this day untethered by Dales’ hook. He was the only one they feared because on many occasions, no matter how many other fishermen Dale was with, he was the only one who incredulously brought in the catch.

Dogs would be in great care with Dale. Chesapeake, Shelty, Dachshund (his moms’) were all well trained beyond measure. (The dachshund left something to be desired, but then she was a dachshund) Dale, in training his first Chesapeake, met other dog owners whose dogs were more hunting dogs rather than just pets. This opened a world of bird hunting for Dale and yes, he brought home ribbons.

Using birds for training, Dale also ventured into the world of release doves. He became an entrepreneur with a business he named ‘Lovey Dovey White Dove Release’. He performed magic with these birds, using them for funerals, openings, special occasions, weddings. He even did a wedding as far away as Kamloops with all his birds returning to their dovecote here in Kelowna.

His feats of daring-do which led to many a broken bone, dislocated shoulder, and broken nose, included dirt bike racing and hockey. His calmer less dangerous activities included golfing, reading, singing and cooking. He made a mean chocolate cake, delicious Thai food, and killer peach pies. Dale also had a beautiful tenor voice and a flair for yodelling.

While working on the building of Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School, Dale met the love of his life, his heart throb and sweetheart, the most important person in his life, Dr. Barbara Hofmann. He would be heard saying, “I don’t have time for a wife”. However, when Barbara appeared he immediately became twitterpated with her and had no time for anything other than her. He truly loved her. Everyone he would meet he asked, “Have you met my wife?” and proudly, with great delight, introduce her. Barbara also brought into Dales’ life a daughter by the name of Jennifer.

They married in 2010 and Dale paralleled himself to “living a dream”, even formulating his email address to “livnadream”. Diagnosed with Parkinson Disease far too early in his life and in their marriage, Barbara was his foundation and support. Barbara’s’ great faith in her God brought Dales’ belief to the forefront and they together moved forward and lived their life to honor God.

Dale is survived by his siblings Ross (Edith) Bassingthwaighte, Corinne (Bob) Kreiger, Barry (Lee-Anne) Bassingthwaighte, Al’deen (Herb) Helwing, nieces and nephews, Kirk (Ciara), Erin (Stuart), Kelly, Nathan (Carli), Kelsey (Lorne). Also, just the right number of extras including aunts, cousins, their offspring etc.

Due to his desire to forfend a funeral, a small gathering for his inurnment will be held at the end of March. Dale also did not want an obituary written for him and did not want it placed in the newspaper. So please, whatever you do, do not tell Dale.


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