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February 15, 1951 — September 18, 2014

Nico made his transition Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 1:11 am. Nico was born in Kelowna on February 15, 1951. He would tell us that his Mom, Anna Webster was so full of love after Valentine’s Day that he popped out the next day heart first. And so began his beautiful life living from his heart. We all saw it outpictured in his vibrant love of life, his passion and joy for dance, and the deep loving way he connected with those he loved. His undying love for his mother and his beloved Dianna was a precious gift for all to witness. His unconditional generosity and kindness poured forth in all his actions and words. Many were gifted by his openness in sharing his spiritual wisdom he carried in that beautiful heart. He believed that was his purpose in life to give of his love and in this way he has been a grand successful master as he touched the hearts of so many along his journey.


As he received loving kindness in return in so many ways, he always felt and expressed his deep gratitude. Each of you may have experienced how often he would say how much he appreciated your gifts, your time and energy and talents shared. What an amazing teacher and role model he was! I imagine he would want us all to go through life paying that love and gratitude forward in our everyday lives as he did. Let’s have his legacy live on in this blessed way!


A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, September 26, 2014 at 4:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC with Dr. Kenn Gordon officiating. As an expression of sympathy, you may send flowers to Springfield Funeral Home or memorial donations may be made to Central Okanagan Hospice Association, #104-1456 St Paul Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2E6.   For those wishing to send a condolence, photos or share memories, may do so by scrolling down this page to the area called “Share Your Condolences.” 




Friday, September 26, 2014 at 4:00 pm

Springfield Funeral Home

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To Springfield Funeral Home
Central Okanagan Hospice Association, #104-1456 St Paul Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2E6.


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The service for BOHREN, Nico is scheduled for Friday, September 26, 2014 at 4:00 pm . Below you will find the map for the service location and the contact information should you have any questions.

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Springfield Funeral Home

2020 Springfield Road Kelowna, BC


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  • Miriam Cunha says:

    I am sorry for your loss. Nico is a great soul and I am sure he is dancing with the light.

    • Chris Smith says:

      I love this picture of the two of you. This is how I remember seeing him, smiling and being with his wonderful friends.

  • Robert Rohloff says:

    Nico, we will miss your positive energy and smiling face.

  • Connie says:

    Nico was a very caring person..He will be missed by everyone…He would listen to other peoples problems and try to help solve them…Very kind, kind man who really loved his mother and would do anything for her. very sad day for me..

  • Jan and Lori says:

    Nico was a huge part of my life when we first moved here from Toronto. We had so many great times sharing life and laughs together. Some of my favorite times were performing together as “the sweethearts” .
    He was my “Sonny” and I was his “Cher”.
    Nico was always honest about who he was from day one. I can’t believe he’s gone from this plane, but god speed my friend. I’ll see you on the other side. Lore.

  • wendy johnston says:

    Godspeed, Nico. Now you are dancing among the stars. Blessings abundant on this next adventure. You were the best dance teacher I ever experienced.

  • Laura Green says:

    To Anna and Nico’s extended family,

    Nico is the love we are all seeking,
    Spirit knew when the time was right
    To untether this loving and giving soul,
    And now he moves amongst us
    Giving all the courage to move on to a brighter day in a joyful dance.

    Bless you Anna for giving the world your beautiful son. He loved you so dearly. I am so happy I met you last Saturday in the garden with Nico and Dianna.

    Love to you all,

    Laura Green

  • Ann Ritchie says:

    Nico will be greatly missed by all those who had the great pleasure to meet and spend time with him.My thoughts go out to his family.

  • Maureen Mores says:

    Nico, for a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.
    So collapse.

This is not your destruction.
    This is your birth.
    You will be remembered as a precious, generous and loving man.

  • Susan Griffin says:

    Blessings upon you, dear Nico, and my love follows you to the other side. Over many, many years and lots of deep conversations, you were invariably earnest and deeply courageous, always genuinely striving to be the best, most loving person you could possibly be. Know that you succeeded! I tip my hat and bow to you in honour of your humility and dedication to ever-increasing self-awareness. It was a real privilege to be asked to guide you a little at steady intervals over so many years, and I truly hope that our most recent talks helped you to have faith that no matter what transpires outwardly, all really is well, and always will be. I am still here for you, Nico, and for those you love, too. As ever, fondly, Susan.

  • Chris Smith says:

    Condolences to Nicos family and dear friends. I simply cannot put into words how deeply shocked I was to hear of Nicos death, I think I’m still trying to believe it as every day goes by. Everyone who met Nico knew he had a heart of gold and a gift of giving, that you don’t see too often these days. His smile would light up the room when he entered it. He enjoyed life and dance to the full and I know the next time I go to the Big Band Dance, I will miss him on the dance floor. Kelowna lost one of its finest citizens on September 18th and the dance community saw a huge loss. RIP Nico, you’ll stay in our hearts forever.

  • Pat Waldron says:

    Our lives are so much richer with the love Nicco shared with us. I have known him for the last 16 years. He went to school with my sister-in-law. My greatest memory is the long and loving hugs he shared whenever we saw each other. May we always feel his loving arms around us when we are in need of comfort. Thank you Nicco. Namaste.

  • Eddie&Neil says:

    Thanks Nico for sharing your friends. We will always be by Anna’s side. Luv Eddie/Neil

  • Anita Farrar says:

    Your love of dance,
    Your love of life,
    Your love of people,
    You gave so much joy with your smile & kind words,
    You will be greatly missed.
    Dance on , dear friend.
    con mucho amor,

  • Shelly Vida says:

    Nico….I will miss your brilliant smile and heart full of love. I am so glad you found dancing as a way to share your love with others. Blessings my friend.

  • Tonette de Vera & Derek Hellyer says:

    Dearest Nico,

    The dance…. is how we remember! Thanks for all of them!
    Your journey has taken you Home!
    We are always here and open to a visit anytime you feel like coming by!
    Much Love and our deepest gratitude for time spent together!
    A hui ho (until we meet again!)
    Tonette & Derek

  • Tonette de Vera & Derek Hellyer says:

    We had to send a second pic of us at Christmas!
    Happy times!
    Tonette & Derek

  • Laurel Zaseybida says:

    Nico’s sweet and cheerful being will be dearly missed by our community – a great soul and bright light we will see dancing again on the other side of the veil. Love from Laurel and Bonnie

  • Donna Denison says:

    I was so sorry to hear of Niko’s passing. Although I didn’t know Niko well, he always radiated a bright beaming light of love from his being whenever I saw him.
    My sincerest condolences & much love to you all. Dance on, Niko…
    Donna at Little Creek

  • Brenda Salloum says:

    I will always remember Nico as loving, one of the kindest people, as well as fun, caring, a wonderful listener and so helpful and wise. My heart goes out to Diana and his loved ones. My memory of Nico is of him Smiling and Dancing!

  • Glenda Chick says:

    Nico.. I will miss your Beautiful Heart so full of Love.. I will miss your smile and your hugs and your wisdom.. I will miss your gentle kind ways and your laughter..
    My most heart felt sympathy to you Dear Anna

  • Jani says:

    Nico drew people to him so easily with his glowing smile and lively eyes that looked so deeply into your soul. I have many happy memories of dancing, singing karaoke, performing, playing and having fun with Nico. Although he had an old soul and could engage in deep discussions, he also had a lighter side and could always enjoy a good time with friends and family. I am so fortunate that I was able to share the joy of Nico’s soaring spirit.
    I got your feather, Nico…glad to know that you are enjoying your new plane of existence.
    Love from Jani

  • Brigitte says:

    Nico was one of the rare and unique people on this earth. I was fortunate to have taught dance lessons for a few years with him and really saw the joy he had seeing people express themselves. He always had patience and a kind word to encourage and never hesitated to give heartfelt advice reminding us to honour our true selves in every decision. He was spiritual, believing in putting things out to the Universe and if it was meant to be, then it would be. I will miss all the interesting conversations we had. The last time we spoke in person he was accepting if it was his time to go. I didn’t know he went into Hospice while I have been in California. Incredibly, a lady in the next room taking care of her brother at Hospice started talking to Nico and upon finding out he used to dance, he said that his former dance partner was in San Diego house/cat sitting for a lady who’s brother is ill- it turned out to be her house, my friend! Incredible coincidence that my two friends could meet, share time, and take a few photos while I was absent. For those who didn’t know of his condition, please do not feel badly as he was wanting to rest and focus on feeling better and in no way expected anyone to call or visit. He was completely aware of his friends’ thoughts and prayers. I was happy to hear Dianna was with him during his transition. I’ll remember his infectious giggle, his love of dance, his excitement for chocolate cake, how he cared for his mother Anna, and his generosity of attention to everyone he came in contact with. If anyone deserves peace and goodness, it’s Nico. You will be missed by many my friend. Now you can dance in the clouds!

  • Domenic Rampone says:

    my thoughts and prayers are with you

    Domenic Rampone

  • Johanne Baird says:

    I was very sad to hear about the loss of my good friend. Nico was a gift from God, and I am forever grateful for all the love and kind words he always shared to me, and to so many others. With loving thoughts to his family my condolence.
    I am sorry I will not be there to celebrate his amazing life, but his spirit will always be in my heart.

  • Marti G says:

    Im grateful for the times I was blessed to share with Nico.
    He was a such a gift to all he met, with his infectious smile and kind loving heart, his honest vulnerability,
    and fun-loving spirit
    Bless you my friend
    ….till we meet again

  • Susan Athena Seel says:

    Nico – someone that I knew and loved so dearly – one of the most loving beings that ever walked the face of the earth – such loving kindness from this beautiful man – making his transition into the next phase of his soul’s journey. He touched so so many lives. On the very day that I met him he spoke such powerful words over me at a time when I was down trodden – so beautiful. He was so beautiful. The world was a brighter place because of this special person. So much love to you dear Nico. Blessings of love to all who held him dear.

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