We Remember

CLEGG, Richard Murray Eyre

February 27, 1968 — May 20, 2024

Our dear son and brother, Richard, passed away peacefully at Kelowna General Hospital on May 20th, 2024, at the age of 56. He will be profoundly missed by his family and friends.

Richard is survived by his father Michael; brother and sister-in-law, Kim and Mieko; and will be lovingly remembered by his family in the UK and Europe. He goes to join his mother Sheila, who passed away in 2012.

Born in London, England, Richard came to Canada as a wee baby and grew up in Edmonton. He loved nature and all its creatures and would always stop to chat with a wayward snail or mob of tadpoles. His love of wading through the shallows in our summers in the Shuswaps earned him the nickname “The Frog Prince”. He also began his love of fishing there.

Richard found his people in the world of punk music in Edmonton in the 80s, and spent many nights hanging out in the music scene, developing his art style by creating gig posters for his friends’ many bands. Richard himself was a fine guitar player, something that would give him comfort throughout his life.

Richard’s love of nature led him to consider working in marine biology, but his incredible talent and interest in art became his main focus and a more powerful calling, and after some time at the University of Alberta studying fine arts, he soon headed to Vancouver to pursue his dream of being an artist.

In Vancouver, he and his partner Josephine made a life together. Richard’s art led him in new directions, and he created several installations at popular restaurants in and around Commercial Drive. Richard also worked as a cook and began a lifelong love of cooking. Eventually they moved to the quieter valleys of Kelowna, finding a great group of friends hanging out at the legendary Bean Scene on Bernard Avenue. Though Richard and Josephine did eventually go their separate ways, they always kept in touch. Many of Richard’s Bean Scene group became long time friends.

His muse came and went through his older years, but art and music were always the heart of Richard’s life. He would always see value in objects that were broken and discarded, and would find beauty in nature and industry, combining them into amazing works of art. He loved his garden, fishing, canning, cooking, and playing music for his friends.

Richard would always see the good in people, and found great comfort and purpose in helping others. His friends did the same for him, though he was definitely a better caregiver than patient. As he succumbed to his illness, his friends rallied to help him through those hard times. Richard’s family will always be grateful to them.

If you happen to spot a friendly frog who looks like it wants to chat, please say “Hi” from Richard; and if you can support a local artist in any way, that would make him very happy.

We will be holding wakes for Richard in Kelowna and Edmonton, dates still to be determined.

If you wish to send a condolence, post photos, or share a memory, please scroll down the page to the area call “Condolences”.


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