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CROSS, Harry Douglas “Doug”

September 2, 1930 — December 5, 2023

At age 93, Doug Cross passed away on December 5, 2023, and is now awaiting a resurrection along with his beloved wife (and best friend) Lil, who passed last year. He is survived by his daughter Anne Wight; granddaughter Cheri Townley; and great-grandson Aidan Dyer.  He was also predeceased by his brother, Ken Cross and granddaughter, Carisa Dyer.

Doug was born September 2, 1930, in Liverpool, England.  As a young man, he became involved with the Royal Automobile Club as a training instructor.  While still in England, he became a competitor in Motorcycle Racing.  His many merit certificates and badges are evidence of his interest, talent and knowledge of anything to do with “wheels and motors.”

He immigrated to Canada in 1966 and for almost 2 decades worked for the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, where he was a Drivers Test Examiner for the BC Motor Vehicle Depts in Vancouver and Prince George.  Although with all of his experience, it is quite likely the most memorable driving instructions he ever gave was when he taught his daughter Anne Wight to drive.  As old habits die hard, it was not uncommon in the past few years, while being chauffeured about by friends, for him to “instruct” the driver about which lane to drive in, when to signal and turn and exactly when the traffic lights were changing.

In the course of his journey to Canada he had developed another interest. Doug met, fell in love and married his best friend Lil on December 27, 1974. She had emigrated from Scotland, and they hit it off immediately upon meeting where Lil worked at the Daily Double Fish and Chips Diner in Vancouver.

Doug and Lil had lived in various areas of BC incuding Vancouver, Prince George, Armstrong, Keremos, Westbank and Kelowna  They loved to travel, so with Doug’s early retirement came the much longed for freedom of road trips in their motorhome throughout Canada, USA and Mexico.

In 2018 Doug and Lil moved into Springvalley Care Center and soon called it home. Doug has always loved to learn things, wasn’t one to hide away, and was a history enthusiast, especially when the topic was Britain.  He especially looked forward to the recreation hour when it included his favorite trivia activities.  The resident’s exercise program was also high up on his list of approvals

On Feb 14 2022 Doug lost his beloved Lil at the age of 98.  Since then, he had been experiencing many health issues, affecting his mobility, eyesight and hearing.  He and Lil, as Jehovah’s Witnesses, always remembered the Bible holds out the comforting hope of a resurrection to a paradise earth where health issues and death will be no more.

Doug’s British wit and interest in what others were doing made him very well known and liked in the Sun Valley Neighborhood at Springvalley Care.  He will be remembered for foot pedaling around in his wheelchair to check the meal menu board and to follow up with making sure the activity schedule board was up-to-date while hoping for something he was interested in.  As unique as he was, he will be missed.

The family would like to thank Dr Kipnis and the staff at Springvalley Care: especially the nurses, care aids, and recreational staff of the Sun Valley Unit for the love and care they have shown Doug as well as Lil during these past five years.

There will be no memorial service at this time.


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