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January 24, 1932 — May 15, 2024

John Dixon, 92, fondly known as “Grampa John” to Brenda’s grandchildren and “Gypsy John” to friends, passed away on May 15, 2024 leaving ripples of kindness and generosity that will be deeply missed by many.

John was a well loved family friend to Brenda and was like family to her children; he was very fond of his surviving nieces and nephews, and other extended family; and he will also be missed by one of his dearest friends, Cal Weibe, with whom he shared many years, drinking coffee, and sharing laughter and camaraderie. John’s warm nature and ability to connect with everyone made him a true people person—he never met anyone he didn’t like. John was the kindest, sweetest, and most giving man anyone could ever meet, always ready to help others in need, often quite literally giving the shirt off his back.

Known as “Gypsy John” because he was always on the road in his car, visiting family and friends, or headed to lend a hand regardless of the distance or task. A backyard mechanic and a true Jack of all trades. There was so much he knew and, given the opportunity, he shared that knowledge freely. John had a deep love for knowledge and everything gold related, and especially for the rich history of Alaska’s gold mines. He spent the majority of his working years in the mines and cherished every moment. Visiting mines around British Columbia brought him immense joy, and his passion for mining was evident to everyone.

After 92 years, there is so much to remember and share about his unique life, too much to fit here. We will continue to tell his stories and keep him in our hearts.

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