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DRUMMOND, Anna (Frey)

I once asked mom what she wanted her obituary to say, at first she said she did not want one, she told me not to put anything in the paper.  I told her people might want to know, I explained that she knew so many people and some might be interested in knowing why the world all of a sudden seemed a little quieter and little sadder.  She said ok but she didn’t want any mushy stuff, no religious stuff, no listing of her hobbies or how she filled her days, what she liked to do or that she worked at the Swift Current hospital for so many years – none of that stuff.  And then she said I was not to put a list of names of all of us that preceded her, I told her it might be the only time I would get to see my name in the paper, she gave me the look and smiled.  Then she said if I absolutely had to put something in the paper I was only allowed to say that she was dead.  And under no circumstances was I to put down her age, and she wants the truth told, died fighting to the last breath – not “peacefully in her sleep”.  And I had to promise that she was to be cremated, she once thought maybe I could put her ashes in my car so that she could travel around with me, hopefully to the shopping malls  I’m sure – I’ll have to think about that.  So here you go mom: Anna Agatha Drummond (Frey) died on May 22nd, 2012, fighting to her last breath.  Leaving behind her husband Allan Drummond, her children: Brent (Matthew, Kristin), Janet (Gary, Kendra, Kayla), Robert (Christine, Stefany, Courtney) and Shannon (Kelly).  And many brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and friends.  One last thing, a favourite poem of mom’s  was “When I am an old women I shall wear purple” –  maybe the next time you come across it and read it you will think of Anna for that moment – I know I will.

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