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Francis, Maxwell

January 1, 1970 — January 1, 1970

In loving memory of our father Maxwell Douglas Francis who passed away on Thursday, January 5th, 2012. Maxwell was born on May 30th 1928 in St Johns Newfoundland. Max met our mother Yvonne Stokke and were married in 1950. Max and Yvonne raised 9 children. Max moved the family out to British Columbia in the late 70’s. The rest of his years were spent in Western Canada where he always said he would spend the rest of his life. He loved the mountains and the lakes. Max loved fishing and camping. We all would spend weekends and most of the summers camping at Roche Lake near Kamloops, BC. Dad would be up at the crack of dawn and on the lake before most of us were even out of bed. Dad loved to keep in shape and loved riding his mountain bike. Dad eventually moved to Winfield, BC where he retired. Dad loved his mountain bike and would often bike into Kelowna from Winfield. This trip is a 20 minute car ride so you do the math hahaha. Dad was in his 80’s and making these long bike journeys so this gives you an idea of how in shape and healthy he was. He also loved to lift weights and was not shy about taking his shirt off on a hot day and flexing his muscles. In 2010 dad started to develop some health problems. Dad moved into a senior’s home. He really enjoyed his new home as he was closer to his family and they had a very good chef (he loved to eat). Dad spent Christmas 2011 with his wife Yvonne and Kelowna family. He would always say grace before Christmas dinner and he would ask us “short version or long version”. We would say short version hahaha. After Christmas dinner my dad spent the evening watching action movies with his dearest friend John Ennis.

Dad grew up with 13 brothers and sister, Marion, Marjorie, Ann, Lillian, Doris, Bob, Harold, Herbert, Gus, Clarence, Eugene, Lloyd and Curtis. My dad loved to be around his family and was always so thankful for that. Dad had 9 children – Matthew, David, Darrell, Mark, Max, Ann, Donna Deb and Sharon. Dad had 12 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. Dad will be missed by so many family members all the way from Newfoundland to British Columbia. We love you Dad and until we meet again. Flowers can be sent to Springfield Funeral Home or a donation can be made to the SPCA of your choice. Dad loved animals especially dogs.


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  • Bob & Sandra Francis says:

    I only remember uncle Man from when I was a kid. The only thing I remember, as a five year old, was that he had a motor cycle. I always knew about him from his Mom, Mary Francis, whom I would visit on my many trips yearly to St. John’s. Grandmother always talked about her 13 sons, daughters and her large family of grand children. I wish that I had been able to know him better.
    Our prayers and thoughts are with the Family at this time.

  • Gail Lynch(Francis) says:

    Thinking of you all at this sad time.Never had much time to spend with uncle Max but what time I did was fun:)I remember he had a wonderful mop of curls ha ha.Loved his hair.As I did all my uncles ,they all had curls.when he came for a visit to see his mom,my nan,(Mary Francis) Gerry and I took him many times to visit the Royal canadian Legion in St John’s,Newfoundland.He was a funny man.Thinking of you uncle Max and your family.

  • Tammy Tyson Tryan says:

    My heart goes out to Aunt Yvonne and family (to many too name :)I share your grief,i’ve been in your shoes at an young age and too many times.we survive off goodtimes and memories.keep well and take care of each other..Love Tammy (niece-cousin)

  • Michelle Stokke says:

    Our deepest thoughts go out our dear Aunt Yvonne and dearest cousins. Through my dad’s own passing I was given back all of you and even if i don’t see you in person your love is felt daily. I only hope now you can feel my hugs to you.

    Love you all

    Michelle, Jesse, Jill Stokke and families.

  • Corinna Martinson says:

    I knew Max when he lived in Kamloops. I appreciated his sense of humor! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  • Ann Fowler (Francis) says:

    “annies Song”

    one fine dear man “our father”, we say, never to be forgot, will be laid to rest at the end of this day, He will be missed alot.
    His life was taken from us, and sad we all will be, when god held out his hand from a land so grand and said “Max” ye are safe with me”.
    For our father whom was loved so dearly, left behind his family and beautiful wife, will be seen in the skys as an angel, for the rest of eternal life.
    His life on this earth has filled it term, no more fears or worries for thee,
    only to see the lives of all of his family, are the best that they can be.
    Max, our dear dad will watch over us, every day twenty four seven, from his new home, not far from here, a place that we call heaven.
    I love you dad, Ann

  • David Francis says:

    Dad i love you and will miss you.We will go fishing again.

  • John Francis says:

    Rest in peace grand dad. You left behind a fantastic family line.

  • Maxwell Francis jr says:

    To my Father,

    You bought this fishing reel in I think 1976 and always promised it would be mine. You kept you promise and gave it to me when we moved from Ontario to B.C. You told me to take care of it and clean it often. I try to take it apart every year and re grease and adjust all the working parts. I cannot count the number of fish I have caught with this reel, but it is staggering. Everytime in the future when I have one on, I will think of you, I love and miss you. I’m sorry for not always being around Dad, but I’m alot like you were, always on the road.

    You are the only Man I will ever know that tackled a moose and brought it to the car for me and my sister Ann to touch. You were one of a kind. Be assured Dad that your seeds have grown healthy and stong and we will be fine here. I love you Dad, your fishing in the sky now ( NO SNAGGING LOL )


    Thank you for my Name.

  • gary friars says:

    max and myself went on many crazy fishing and hunting trips together. he was a great friend and neighbor. rest in peace max.

  • Sharon says:

    My dad…I’m missing you today, thinking of the times when you would tell me the same old stories, and I wish you were still here to tell them to me again. You were always so funny, and when I will think of all the crazy things you would say, you know I’ll be laughing…and then I’ll miss you all over again. I am looking forward to the day when in eternal heaven I will see you again.
    I yearn to walk the streets of gold, holding my Saviour’s hand;
    meeting up with all those I love, especially my dear dad.
    Love you dearly, Sharon.

  • Max JR says:

    Hey Pop’s, Im going hunting in November with Amy, she wants to shoot a deer, lol, I hope she does, but ill have to gut it. Just want to say I love you, i miss you, and Dad…………..Let me get a big White Tail……………….xoxoxo

  • Max JR says:

    Dad, I’m kinda lost without you, just help me be a good Man, every once in a while, I don’t know what to do…….

  • Max JR says:

    Old Man, look at my Life
    I’m a lot like you were

  • Ann Fowler says:

    Dad, this is for you,
    Oh I’ve been afraid of changing because I built my life around you ,
    Well time makes you bolder, children get older, I’m getting older to,
    Oh ho, take this love and take it down, when you climb a mountain and you turn around, and if you see my reflection in a snow covered hill,well a landslide brought it down,

  • Ann Francis says:

    Dad, i always loved you. All the talks we had and the times i would drive 100 miles just to visit you because i loved you. You will always be in my heart and never will i forget you. You were worth every mile.

  • Ann Francis (Fowler) says:

    Dad I miss you so much. I will never forget the Christmas’s you spent with Ray, Matt and i when they were just children. I always had to work and you were always there to babysit. You would cook the turkey dinner and play nintendo sega and mutant ninja turtles. The memories i have are the greatest gift a father could give his daughter. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was a pleasure. I love you and i miss you. Untill we meet again.

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