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Please join with us as we celebrate the unique life of Jason Peter Gabor Harsanyi (Jay) …or shall we say celebrate his MANY lives! He passed on November 9, 2023.

Jay will be sadly missed by many, including the love of his life, Patricia “Patti” Ross-Custaloe, and her children, Curtis, Sarah, Thomas, Martin, and Nicole; Jason’s parents, Lupita (Ron), Diana Therrien, and Gabor (Nurit); and siblings, Marlene, Mariana (Raphael), Laura, Matt, Jenn (Jay), and Josh. He will also be remembered by his special cousins, Andre and Nicole; his favourite Aunt Elsa, Uncle Tom, and Auntie Gaby; and his very good friend, Pepè. Respect to Jason’s late Grandparents Mama Pita & Papa Nacho, Anew & Apoo, and late Uncle Jerry. Respect also to the many other family members who gave Jason such a beautiful heritage filled with opportunities, spirituality, and strong leadership skills.

Jay experienced many journeys. A very intelligent and an extraordinary, gifted man, he was a beacon to many, yet he was humbled by his own spirit. He spent his life seeking something greater than himself and gained much wisdom on his journeys. Jason was a jokester, and always used his energy to lift those in his presence. He was a very warm man with a beautiful soul, and he could heal someone’s pain with one of his unforgettable hugs. He found expression and understanding through music and culture. The beat and genre of every song meant something to him.

Jason stumbled many times on his journey, and those mistakes stayed with him every day. He was a puzzle to himself, and to most that knew him well. But, even with pieces of that puzzle missing, he created magic for the many who were blessed to stand in the bright light that he was.

Jason would want us all to know that he knew exactly where he was going and where he was supposed to be. I believe he is now a healer, a tiny, woven angel who needs no wings; exactly like the ones that gave him back to us at least once before. This is how he described them to me a few years ago, they were so beautiful to him.

A celebration of Jay’s life will be held on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2023, at 4:30 pm, at the home he shared with Patti and her children: 2981 East Kelowna Road, Kelowna, BC. Appies and many friendly faces will be provided. Please bring beverages, your favourite memories, and your best “Jay stories” to share. I hope you all make this worth my while, as Jay would kill me by having ANY gathering in his name! Lol. Please feel welcome.

If you wish to send a condolence, post photos, or share a memory, please scroll down the page to the area called “Condolences”.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2023, at 4:30 pm

The home he shared with Patti and her children: 2981 East Kelowna Road, Kelowna, BC

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