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HINCHEY, Marilyn (née Sladen)

January 1, 1970 — January 1, 1970

Marilyn Anne Hinchey, 81, passed away peacefully on March 14, 2020. Marilyn was born February 8, 1939 in Rossland B.C. At age 6, she moved to Kelowna where she married the love of her life in 1958, started a family, and embarked on an amazing journey. In 1973, they would start a new adventure and moved them all North to Yellowknife, NT. BC would pull her back to her roots in 2003 when she returned to the Okanagan to enjoy their new summer home. She and Grant celebrated their 60th Golden Wedding Anniversary with all their family and many friends at their Lake Country home in 2018. It was a wonderful party and just the kind of get together that Marilyn enjoyed most. Family, friends, new and old, love, laughter, joy, hugs, music, and some crazy dancing till the wee hours made the day perfect. Every one of her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were in attendance which was her fondest wish.

Family was the most important aspect of Marilyn’s life, and that family included many friends she met along the way. She treasured being a mother, a grandma and a great-grandma. She loved to cook, bake, share her garden, her pin collection, tell wonderful stories, sew, and anything else she could think of that would bring a smile to someone’s face. If you were really special, she would share her fairy garden with you too! Her best dish would depend on who you asked but I think it may be a toss-up between two of her favorite recipes passed down from her mother, a raspberry glace pie and strawberry shortcake. Both delicious, and there was always a fight for who got the last piece.

Marilyn cared for everyone she met. She was kind, honest and fiercely loyal. She worked all her life and only seemed to work harder and be busier in retirement. I guess this happens when you have such a big family. She thrived on having a house full of people and she fit as many beds into the house, studio, workshop, and sunroom that she could. If she ran out of room, she was known to pitch a tent too. She and Grant never ran out of room in their house or in their hearts for those around them.

Marilyn had been focused on being a homemaker and a mother. In February 1973, she and Grant made a trip north to explore some business opportunities and Marilyn embarked on another new adventure. She had never experienced a real northern winter. They flew to Yellowknife. When they arrived, it was -43 but she said it was absolutely beautiful, the snow was sparkling, and the sun was shining. The decision to move was made and in July they drove North, a trip that was not without challenges. She took over setting up the accounting office and arranged for computer services with a southern service bureau. The following year they decided to setup a timesharing computer center named Nor Dat Computer Services. The founder and president of Digital Equipment Inc. in Boston, along with the Canadian President came up to see Nor Dat and the new computer center. They urged Marilyn to become the new manager and come to Boston and be trained at the Digital Equipment University. Marilyn left her family in Yellowknife and headed for Boston.

Computers were not an area that Marilyn ever had any interest in. She was considered the “Old Lady” of the industry at 35. The rest of the students were under 25, and mostly male. She put in a lot of long 17-hour days to complete her training and certifications, she and returned to Yellowknife to take over the management of the timesharing service bureau. Key clients of the services were Cominco, Department of National Defence, Worker’s Compensation Board, City of Yellowknife, Ward Air and numerous other northern businesses. Nor Dat adapted to changes in the industry and eventually became a reseller of IT equipment and related services. Her sons joined the business opening The Computer Centre. Several years later, it became CompuCentre and Microage. The business expanded into additional locations in Whitehorse and Edmonton. The business grew and evolved, but the heart of the business was always Marilyn. She was very active in the community and always ready to take on new challenges within our business environment, our family and the community. She was a stellar example of an individual always ready to help others, but her family and her extended IT family were always her primary focus.

While living in the north, Marilyn rekindled her love of music and joined the city band. She travelled throughout the north and her adventures provided many stories for her to entertain her grandchildren with. Marilyn had a great sense of humour and loved a good joke. Those of you who know her family will realize many have inherited this trait.

Marilyn appreciated all the messages, videos and outpouring of love she received during her time in the hospital. She told us she could feel the love and for that we are all truly thankful.

Marilyn is survived by her loving husband Grant; her brothers and their wives Gord and Katie Sladen and Vic and Linda Sladen; and her sister Elaine Sladen. She was predeceased by her brother David Sladen. She cherished moving back to the Okanagan and spending time with them all. She was a caring and devoted mother to her six children and their spouses: Judy and Martin Ray, Kelly and Kim Hilkewich, Wes Hinchey, Dan and Donna Hinchey, Brent Hinchey, and Rob and Tonja Hinchey. She was grandmother to Ashley (Ali), Tyler(Stefani), Mallory (Khalid), Alanna (Taylor), Lauren, Michael, Garrett, Chad (Alanna), Devin (Reilly), Austin (Candice), Blake, Hayli, Kyle, Sheldon (Allison), Alexandra (Bryan),  Jaymi & Lia; and great-grandmother to Aria and Atticus. Being a grandmother and great-grandmother was truly one of Marilyn’s greatest joys. She enjoyed filling her house with children and thrived on the happy laughter and crazy antics around the pool. Marilyn’s nieces and nephews all had a special place in her heart, and she loved to have them come and visit. She was loved and will be missed by all of them. Marilyn’s legacy is the wonderful family she left for all of us to take care of, just the way she showed us. She has touched the lives of so many people. She will be missed, celebrated, and remembered with love, and she always will be a part of us.

The family would like to Thank Dr. Wadhwa, Dr. Leung, Dr. Foster and the staff of ICU A & B of the Kelowna General Hospital, and some very special friends for their excellent care, kindness and assistance to all the family.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to BC Cancer Agency-Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior 399 Royal Ave. Kelowna BC, V1Y 5L3, www.bccancer.bc.ca; The Yellowknife Community Foundation 5007 Franklin Ave., Yellowknife NT, X1A 3S9, www.ykcf.ca.

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BC Cancer Agency - Sindi Ahluwalia Hawkins Centre for the Southern Interior or The Yellowknife Community Foundation Link: www.bccancer.bc.ca, www.ykcf.ca




  • Kathryn Paton says:

    Grant and family, our hearts are with you at this difficult time. We share the fondest memories of the 1970s on 56 Street Yellowknife. Deepest condolences. Angus & Rachel Paton – Nelson BC, Cameron (Patricia) – Calgary AB, and Kathryn (Kevin Lang) – Yellowknife NT

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Marilyn left us all with wonderful memories, especially those that we shared while living in Yellowknife.The people in the Arctic made you forget about the cold and focused your energies on helping others, challenging your abilities and enjoying life. They were memorable years.

  • Eleanor and Garth Hampson says:

    There are so many things we think about when Marilyn Hinchey’s name is spoken. Whenever she entered a room sparkles appeared both in her facial expression, her happy cheerful chatter and particularly her personality. It exuded a great love of life and it was infectious. We are so grateful for her good life where she made such an important contribution to family, to Canada’s north, her business acumen, her music and just being there for everyone.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Marilyn brought a lot of joy to my life. It was 64 yrs. since we met and just 2 months short of our 62 anniversary. I am a
      very fortunate individual to have such wonderful memories of our life together. It was a totally unexpected loss, Fortunately most of the family was able to be with Marilyn while she was in the ICU.which would now be impossible with precautions required under Covid 19. The condolences have been over whelming and greatly appreciated. Marilyn touched the lives of a tremendous number of people and I was the fortunate one to have smitten by her.

  • Jane Hunter says:

    Marilyn was a beautiful soul. I remember higland dance lessons i her basement, grad party breakfasts and the perpetual beautiful smile. Sincere condolences to Grant and all of the family on this unbelievable loss. May you find peace and joy in your memories and knowing she touched so many people with her beautiful heart and smile.


    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Jane for your thoughtful words and memories. Marilyn enjoyed having Kelly’s highland classes in our home and especially the final recital before Kelly left for University and the Yellowknife Pipe band came marching down 56th to thank her being their dancer. Marilyn sincerely looked forward to having the graduation parties at our home and staying up to talk with each of you and provide advice and/or encouragement if needed and then she would make breakfast for any of the party goers who made it through the night. Marilyn left us with wonderful memories.we will all cherish. Sincerely Grant Hinchey

  • Jake and Marg Ootes says:

    What a friggin shame to loose Marilyn Hinchey. We are shedding tears over her loss and send our heartfelt condolences. One of the loveliest persons we could think of. Jake and Marg.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Old Friends. What can I say, I share your tears and your memories of Marilyn. This was a totally unexpected outcome of her cancer treatment.She met all the criteria for undertaking the immunotherapy, however, Marilyn was found to be in that 5% group that had a negative reaction. Her reaction was extremely negative and at a level that none of the specialists from Vancouver to Toronto had ever encountered. Several different protocols were used but they were unable to stop the process from completely overtaking her lungs.
      Wes is with me until the end of April, fortunately his work can all be done remotely. We have a work list to keep me busy and he does all the earns shopping etc.. Take good care of each other and we will see you once this world pandemic is defeated.
      Sincerely Grant

  • Neal & Kim Fraser says:

    We were saddened to hear yesterday of Marilyn’s passing. She was a truly remarkable soul, and the personification of warmth, joy, kindness, and above all the love of family. Although it has been years since we have seen her, this news brought back many fond memories. Marilyn, Grant, Rob and indeed the whole Yellowknife Hinchey clan were a particularly open and inviting family, and during an important time when Marilyn and Grant had opened their home to me I saw firsthand how Marilyn led her family by example. Her strong work ethic, her infectious smile and laugh, and her overall love of life have been passed on to her children, and presumably to generations which followed. It is peculiar that one of my fondest Marilyn memories actually took place when she was not even there. In the early 2000’s I was in Ottawa on business and among several people in attendance at a function was a woman who mentioned that she was from the North. For reasons that escape me she refused to believe me when I chimed in that I too had grown up in Yellowknife. Her immediate challenge for me to verify my status as a northerner was to ask if I knew the Hincheys! After that we of course shared stories of Marilyn and Grant, all with the common thread of the shared experience of the generosity afforded by these wonderful people. I still smile at the thought of this chance event, and it speaks to Marilyn’s legacy. She has touched the lives of so many people, and none more than the members of her beautiful family for whom the time ahead without her will be so difficult. May you find strength from each other in the dark times, and the joy of so many wonderful memories of Marilyn through the years when we were blessed to know her.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Neil & Kim for your kind and thoughtful words. It is indeed a small world and I and the family have received condolences and memories of Marilyn from across the country and across the Pond. Marilyn always looked forward with enthusiasm to entertaining and interacting with the friends of our children and also with those who just happened to show up or were friends of friends. Our rumpus room was a beehive of activity and also a dormitory for individuals who came to Yellowknife for the summer to earn funds to cover them for the coming term, I remember one individual who spent a couple of years with us. Marilyn always looked forward to each summer and the new guests who would arrive with our children when they returned from university or college. I was a very fortunate person to have had such a wonderful compassionate loving individual by my side for almost 62 years of marriage.Sincerely Grant Hinchey

  • Jean Redgrave says:

    Dear Grant and Family, I am sorry Marilyn has passed. What great memories I have of our CGA conventions together. She has left a fantastic legacy with her wonderful family – she was a strong and lovely person. I consider myself very fortunate to have had times with her, even if it was years ago. MEMORIES!

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Jean. Marilyn enjoyed and cherished all the friends we met in the CGA family.Marilyn was a tremendous support for me in my various involvements in CGA in Canada and abroad. We have wonderful memories of our CGA friends and greatly enjoyed the great music and dancing at the various functions. The Redgraves were a significant part of our CGA memories. Sincerely Grant

  • Loreen & Scott Crockett says:

    We send our deepest condolences to the entire Hinchey family and the multitude of friends that are touched by this sad news. Our hearts go out to each and every one of you. Loreen & Scott

  • Christine Tanner (Hoyt) says:

    My deepest condolences Grant. I remember a picnic lunch with you and Marilyn behind the old WCB offices. she was a wonderful lady and you were an inspiring couple. Christine Hoyt ( nee Tanner)

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Christine Marilyn was a wonderful wife, mother, partner, grandmother and left us with warm and loving memories we will cherish forever. I recall our picnic lunch outside the old WCB offices. Great location sorry it had to be relocated.. Grant

  • Bobbie Parkin says:

    John & I are very saddened to see this news. We have many great memories from 10 years as neighbours on the 5th floor of Bowling Green and send our sympathy to Grant and the Hinchey clan.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Bobbie.You were great neighbors. Marilyn enjoyed the relationship she had with our tenants of the Bowling Green. Marilyn provided us all with warm fond memories to cherish.

  • Kimberly Kerr says:

    Grant, Dan, Donna and families… my heartfelt condolences to all. Just saw this and tears flowing. Sending light and love your way. Godspeed Marilyn… you’re an amazing soul who touched the lives of so many, including me and my family… a few of us who had the opportunity to know you and work with you. You will be very missed. Thank you for being you! ❤️

  • Janet & John Paul says:

    Grant please accept our sincere condolences to you and your family. Hoping all the great memories you have of Marilyn will help you get through these sad times.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you for your warm condolences. Marilyn is the star in my universe. We shared wonderful memories. My Mother told Marilyn shortly after we were married that she was the best thing to ever happen to me and how right she was. All our years together were memorable but the years in Yellowknife had a special place in our hearts. Wes is staying with me and he is keeping me focused and busy on the Lake Country home. The family was able to visit Marilyn in the ICU which with the current World crisis would have been possible. We hope to have a celebration of life later in the summer at our Okanagan home depending on World conditions.

  • Steve and Sandy Rose says:

    We were so very sad to hear of Marilyn’s passing and only wish there was something we could say to help you all through this difficult time. There are no words that can truly ease the pain of your loss but if caring thoughts can help, we hope you know that others are thinking of you, caring about you, and wishing you comfort and peace.

    Marilyn was truly a great lady – a great wife and partner; a great mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother; and a great boss and friend. We knew her as a fun-loving, generous lady with a wonderful sense of humour, a willing hand, and a great love of family. She was a hard-working, capable and inspirational woman who we feel privileged to have called our friend. As a boss, Marilyn was always willing to give people a chance and genuinely cared about her staff. We both learned so much from her and think of her often.

    In this time of sorrow we pray you find comfort in those gathered around you and in your wonderful memories of Marilyn’s love.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Sandy and Steve for your warm thoughts and prayers. We were all fortunate to have shared lots of wonderful memories with Marilyn. I will always treasure our wonderful years together. The family and friends have all been very supportive and made this challenging time more focused on our memorable times, just short of 62 years married. I consider myself to have have been a very fortunate individual to have been married to such w loving compassionate individual. Wes is keeping me busy and focused while he is with me. Take good care of each other.

  • Jay & Rob Lowry says:

    Even before I became a Sladen family in-law, I had heard about Jay’s cousin Marilyn, her husband Grant and their family. I don’t remember when I met Marilyn the first time, probably at our 1970 wedding in Oliver. Although Jay was an only child, and there were always more family members for me to meet, Marilyn and Grant have been a continuing point of connection – in the Okanagan, in Yellowknife and back here in Toronto. Marilyn made a point of including us in family events, especially weddings and anniversaries; and always she was gracious and welcoming. Her love of family and her interest in every member was genuine and obvious. Marilyn will remain an archetype.
    With our sincere condolences for Grant and her entire family, we all will miss Marilyn.
    Jay and Rob Lowry, Toronto

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Your thoughts and comforting words are greatly appreciated. Marilyn had a special in her heart for Uncle Dick & Auntie Eleanor. Early on in our marriage our car was a Hillman Minx and we were returning to BC from the USA. We just had enough $ to fill our gas tank in Oliver so we headed to D&E for a meal and to borrow $.50(cents) to pay for the ferry in Kelowna. Our relationship with the Lowry’s has always been special .Marilyn and I greatly appreciated having you join us for various family celebrations and being able to have you meet all the cousins of your extended family. Marilyn is watching over me and the family is keeping me focused and busy Wes is currently with me and running all the errands etc and we have a long TO DO list. He is doing his work remotely but will have to rtn to Yellowknife by May. We will let you know if we are able to have a celebration of life .

  • Alanna Ray & Taylor Macdougall says:

    We have so many lovely memories of my grandma Marilyn. She always welcomed us and our dear friends with open arms. Favourite memories include learning to bake bread, enjoying lovely meals together, and grandma’s ability to bring our whole big, loving family together. Sending so much love to my grandpa Grant, the entire Hinchey family, and all of Marilyn’s friends and family who loved her so much. Love and hugs xoxo.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Alanna & Taylor Your thoughts, words and memories are greatly appreciated. Grandma was so happy to have been able to be a part of your wedding and meet all of the wonderful guests. Marilyn left us all with an abundance of love and wonderful memories. She will always be with us.

  • Noreen Kennedy says:

    Dear Grant and Family, My deepest sympathy.
    Noreen Kennedy

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Noreen.It is wonderful and warming to hear from old friends.It is such a long time since we danced the tango
      at the Mardi Gras.

  • Steve & Kim Francis (Hinchey) says:

    Auntie will forever be honoured that people used to think you were my Mom when I was younger. When I think of you it is and always will be about the wonderful things you would think up for us to do as kids when we visited your home in Kelowna, and also how much appreciation I have for you and Uncle Grant welcoming Steve and his kids into our family and sharing your wonderfulness with them.. I know our loved ones already in heaven are waiting for you with open arms. Like a rainbow fading in the twinkling of an eye – gone too soon.
    So much love to you Auntie – Kim & Steve

  • Bev and Craig Myers says:

    Grant and Family. When I think of Marilyn, I smile. When I see her face, I see such beauty. How lucky we were to have been in her life.
    Love till forever comes, Bev.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Your love and prayers are greatly appreciated. Marilyn .was deeply moved with the wonderful quilt you made, it provided her with warmth from the loving energy that was sewn into by Bev. Thank you cousin.

  • Linda Golding says:

    So very sorry to hear about Marilyn. Thought and prayers for you, Grant, and all the family. Marilyn was a lovely person. Hugs for all of you from our family.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Linda. Marilyn gave us a lot of wonderful memories . Your prayers are greatly appreciated

  • Louise Dundas Matthews & Steve Matthews says:

    Grant and family,
    Our thoughts are with you during this very sad time for all of you. Marilyn was a special person, loved life and having fun, and was such a joy to be around. One can’t think of Marilyn without being reminded of that amazing smile she always had on her face. She had quite an impact on bringing the NWT into the computer age and that legacy will be felt for a very long time. She was definately the centre of the “Hinchey clan” both in Yellowknife and at your home in Kelowna. The gap she has left will be hard to fill. She was so proud of all of you and each of you was very special to her. May the joy, kindness, zest for life and fun that she shared with you be traits you carry on in her honour.
    Louise Dundas Matthews and Steve Matthews

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Louise & Steve for your thoughtful and comforting words. Marilyn left us with wonderful memories. I feel very humble with all condolences from across the country and the Atlantic.We had a very special life together and have a wonderful family which is very supportive. Our time in the North will always be very special in our memory bank. Give each other a big hug for me and take good care of each other.

  • Bill Hoffman says:

    Grant, Dan and Family,
    My connections with Marilyn occurred in the 1980’s and 1990’s, I had the good fortune to interact with her on numerous occasions as she was the Executive contact for NorDat and I was representing APPLE Canada. I always found her to be prepared, well-organized, extremely “welcoming” and very business-saavy. She was a quintessential Professional, and at ALL times just a delight with whom to deal. I have no doubt that Marilyn will be greatly missed by family, community, her business connections and by her neighbours. Marilyn was a very unique, multi-talented person … one whom you never forget!

  • Bill Hoffman says:

    Grant, Dan and Family,
    My connections with Marilyn occurred in the 1980’s and 1990’s, I had the good fortune to interact with her on numerous occasions as she was the Executive contact for NorDat and I was representing APPLE Canada. I always found her to be prepared, well-organized, extremely “welcoming” and very business-saavy. She was a quintessential professional, a terrific Dealer-Principal and at ALL times just a delight with whom to deal. I have no doubt that Marilyn will be greatly missed by her large and very vibrant family, her many community partners, her supportive business connections and by her loyal neighbours. She was a very unique, multi-talented person … one whom you never forget!
    MARILYN HINCHEY – Proud, warm, open, honest and vibrant. She was a “special” business-woman; a “special” community leader; a “special” neighbour; a “special” partner and a “VERY SPECIAL” wife & mother: It was a privilege to know her!!
    Cheers, YES?!? … “Cheers” … to EVERYONE who had an involvement with this wonderful woman ….someone who made significant contributions to the lives of virtually EVERYBODY whom she met! Although, currently, all of us have a “tear in our eye”, Marilyn would expect everyone to continue to live their lives in a joyous, vibrant, “POSITIVE” manner. Nothing less will truly honor Marilyn’s very unique and very special legacy!!
    Bill Hoffman & Family

    • Grant Hinche & Family says:

      Thank you Bill for your wonderful description of Marilyn. It has been a challenging time for all of us but Marilyn’s commitment to family and friends was exceptional and we will cherish the memories and our time together forever..

  • Penny Ivens Baker says:

    Dear Grant and Family…
    Arms around each of you. A very sad time for all of us.
    My friendship with Marilyn spans 65 plus years…..growing up in Kelowna in the ‘50 was THE best. My Dad started a majorette group, and we traveled to Vancouver for Grey. Cup 1955. What fun! Picture attached. Marilyn will be dearly missed by our Grad ‘57 class Reunion Gang….take care Grant.

    • Grant Hinchey says:

      Thank you Penny for the phone call and the photo. Memories our years together left us all with wonderful memories.Marilyn greatly enjoyed the graduation and band reunions. Your thoughts and words are greatly appreciated.

  • Judy Ray says:

    Hi Dad and all my wonderful siblings and nieces and nephews and other friends and family, It has been over a year since Mom passed. Not a day goes by that I dont have some reason to think about her kind spirit, her loving heart, her warm and generous nature, her wonderful sense of humour and her deep love for family and friends. I am so blessed that Marilyn was my mom. She had a depth of spirt and soul like no other. I am deeply grateful that I got

  • Brodie Hinchey says:

    Marilyn was my great aunt, in more than just the name. She truly was a remarkable woman that made everyone smile wherever she went. I just visited my great uncle Grant and a few of his children with my dad and it brought up so many feelings and memories of one of the most wonderful people in my life. She is missed immensely, but she is talked about, loved and remembered all the time. My dad and I were so lucky to be loved and embraced the way we were by her and the rest. Love you Aunty Marilyn, and all my fellow Hincheys.

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