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HUTTON, Antony “Ant”

Born August 3, 1959, Toronto, Ontario
Passed away November 23, 2020, Kelowna, British Columbia

Ant passed away unexpectedly from a sudden heart attack on November 23, 2020, at the age of 61 years. Antony was born in Toronto to Tom and June Hutton and joined his older brothers David, Graham and Tim.  He mostly became known as “Ant” to family and friends and always signed himself that way, with a little drawing of an ant added.  The family moved to England and then on to Paris, France when Antony was 5.  He started at a bi-lingual school in Paris where he learned to speak French fluently (and with a perfect accent of course!).  After 2 years the family returned to England where he went to prep school and then to boarding school, where he enjoyed sports, probably more than academics! He attended “Miss Hobb’s” fine scholastic institution in Guildford and his education was widened beyond academic pursuits by some of those he met!  It may just be said that he enjoyed life immensely and skinny-dipping pool parties at his parents’ house were commonplace and mostly undiscovered!

Ant spent much time in France working at a fine winery and learning the skills involved in wine making.  He had a VW bus which he lived and travelled in.  He may have been a bit of a rascal during these times and definitely enjoyed the single life and associated adventures!

Antony met Tracy in London, ENG, and they decided to make the brave move to Canada. They were married in Vancouver, BC (Deep Cove) where Ant began working at a local newspaper. Together he and Tracy quickly made friends (with Ant that probably took 10 minutes!) and loved their time there.  Their special son Harry was born there and joined his wonderful older brother Nicholas.  The family then moved to Kelowna where Ant continued his newspaper career.  He and Tracy built a beautiful house on an acreage and enjoyed the rural life with horses, dogs, cats, and, oh yes, go carts, dirt bikes and an old school bus camper.  Ant loved tinkering in his workshop and began woodworking and made several pieces of beautiful furniture which the family still enjoys.

Antony loved participating in sports as a boy and watching them as an adult.  He also loved sailing and crewed on large sailboats in races in the English Channel and the Solent.  In Kelowna, he bought a half share in a sailboat with his great a great friend and sailed and raced many weekends.  Ant was competitive and after new sails were bought for the boat would often brag of their successes in local races. He loved to take Harry out fishing using “Cheese Smokies” as bait, a practice frowned upon by the authorities, but not by the fish!

Antony’s priority was always family and his devoted fatherhood to Nick and Harry; he loved them dearly.  He coached Harry’s wheelchair soccer team for years and led them to international tournaments in Arizona, Florida and Berkeley, California. He also coached Nicks select soccer team. He was especially focused on the future of their beautiful son Harry. Being special-needs and requiring care providers it was their dream for him to one day open “Harry’s House”. This would be a wonderful living situation for about 5-6 special-needs young adults, to live with happiness and joy in their forever home. This remains Tracy’s goal, and she vows to bring to fruition that dream, for both Antony’s legacy and for the well-being of Harry throughout his life.

Ant was devoted to his extended family wherever they were and made many trips to join in Christmas and birthday celebrations, often when the weather was far from cooperative for winter travel.  Brothers David, Graham and Tim were extremely close and their families would often get together in France and California.  He often FaceTimed with his far-away family. He was adored by his many nieces and nephews, and he had an equal love for them. Their loss of Uncle Ant is profound but their memories of their many fun and loving times will always be cherished.  Family was so important to Ant, and he fit in so easily with the warmth of his love and wonderful and sometimes colorful sense of humour.  He was always positive in his outlook on life and supportive of family members in their pursuits. Ant’s big heart also encompassed a family of best friends. He visited, called and FaceTimed friends daily. They know they were loved too.

Ant retired from his long-time job at the Capital News where he made many great friends. Certainly there are many fond memories of him and his antics while there. He recently bought a lakeside cabin north of Kelowna. This was his latest love.  Although quite rustic, it suited him perfectly, and he spent much time there with his beloved dog Chico.  He made new friends and enjoyed their campfire camaraderie.  He will be greatly missed there and certainly his laughter still echoes around the lake and in the memories of his buddies there.

Ant had a fall in the spring of this year and cracked a vertebra.  He was in great pain and had to wear a very uncomfortable back brace for many months. As a result his mobility was severely affected.  He developed some chest and breathing problems and checked himself into hospital on Nov 21st, and he sadly passed away the following morning.

In everyday life we do not always pause to think what makes someone so special. In Ant’s case, he was so refreshingly straightforward and radiated warmth, enthusiasm and good humor. His sense of fun was ever-present and completely infectious.

Antony leaves behind Tracy, Nick and Harry also brothers David, Graham (Suzanne), Tim (Anne); he will never be forgotten and will always be a BIG part of their memories and conversations.  And his many, many dear friends mourn his loss but so cherish their memories of his time with them.  He had a way of making everyone he loved feel important to him, and that is simply because they were.

Ant always loved to party so a celebration of his life for family and friends will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the family to go towards the purchase of a bench that will be put by the lake, any extra monies will go to the disabled sailing association.  To donate, please send your contribution to a family member or send a cheque to “Antony Hutton Bench Memorial Fund” C/O 2545 Copper Ridge Drive, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2X6.

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