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JAECKEL, Horst Franz

December 3, 1934 — April 4, 2018

A pioneer at heart, fearlessly pursuing life and countless adventures, Horst embarked on his final journey at the age of 83 on April 4, 2018 to return peacefully home to his loving Heavenly Father.

He is survived by his amazing wife Hilla of 59 years; daughter Birgit and her partner Daniel; son Martin and his wife Stacey and his 3 grandchildren Adam, Elle and Avery.

Horst loved music, nature, animals, cooking, photography, tennis, gymnastics, competitive and leasure skiing, ski jumping and fixing gizmos and gadgets of all types. Nothing was impossible to resurrect.

His curiousity and passion in creating a better way to do things led to many cool inventions. The good folks at Dragon’s Den would surely have invested in one of his creative endeavors.

Born in Henne, Boemisch Kamnitz, Horst was groomed at an early age for constant change and adaptation due to the circumstances of World War 2. The family was forced to move numerous times finally to find new roots in Arzberg, Germany.

Horst was a successful businessman and, along with his wife Hilla, owned and operated a lucrative photo shop and studio in Arzberg, Germany.

He had an incredible connection to nature, as well as the weather, and his “spider sense” made him aware of the “winds of change” blowing toward him and his little family, yet again.

In 1978, a life-long dream (Karl May books read by the dozen when he was little), called him to the great land of Canada. Life in Germany was hectic and his health was deteriorating, due to various stressors. The family immigrated to Saskatoon, SK in the fall of 1978. Horst had developed the ability to “put his roots in a pot,” be replanted and quickly take root in unknown soil.

Hard work and determination to succeed, along with the desire to give his very best, no matter the challenge, quickly established him in the “new homeland.”

Integrity, perseverance, creativity and a willingness to do whatever it takes (Horst is the Jack of the “Jack of all Trades”) allowed him and Hilla to establish a good reputation and thus prosper.

His love for nature and the mountains drew him and Hilla to Kelowna, British Columbia for the final move in 1987. He had found the home his heart was yearning for. Mountains, lakes, rivers, wildlife and everything he imagined about this beautiful country, were at his fingertips. His love for downhill and cross country skiing, sailing, swimming, hiking to his heart’s content had become his reality. His family flourished in British Columbia and he had found the perfect place to enjoy the remainder of his life with Hilla by his side and the kids and grandkids not too far away.

Horst, thru his pioneer spirit gifted his family with new possibilities in a land were everything is still possible.

It is with great gratitude and love, mixed with sadness, that you will be missed in ways impossible to express in words.

We will “follow you” in time, Papa.

May you be carried on the wings of your guardian angels back to your heavenly home.

You were here, you have lived well, you have loved and were loved beyond measure.

Your FAMILY <3

A celebration of Horst’s life will be held later this year when the dust has settled.

Written by Birgit, with love.

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