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JANTZEN, Herbert John “Herb”

September 12, 1922 — February 2, 2022

Dad passed away at Glenmore Lodge in Kelowna, BC on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 and the age of 99. He had contracted Covid a week earlier and it was simply too much for the old soldier. He now has clean air, good lungs, a new pair of legs and we’re quite sure that Mom had him enrolled in dancing class the moment she arrived in heaven on December 10, 2020. She has been waiting at the edge of the heavenly dance floor along with their daughter, Dawn, their granddaughter Hyalite and great granddaughter Audrey, anticipating his cutting a rug with them. Heaven is going to be far better than you ever anticipated, Dad.

Dad was born in Hepburn, SK on a farm operated by his parents, John and Sarah (Willems) Jantzen. He was the oldest of 5 boys, including Clarence, Cliff, Norman and Harvey. He was a serious young man who would often wander the fields, not checking on the grain quality, but talking with God and dreaming of the future. He wasn’t much of a farm hand, though he was pretty good with a sling shot, knocking out three of 4 panes in a barn window before he acknowledged how accurate he really was and decided to quit and come clean with his father. Oh, that conscience!

His Mennonite upbringing nurtured a posture of non-violence, which he maintained throughout his life, in the extreme—he took the Proverb literally: “Abandon the quarrel before it breaks out.” His pacifist stance did not, however, preclude his supporting the Allied effort to stop tyranny from advancing in Europe, so he enlisted as a stretcher-bearer in the medical corps. He served in England and then in the Netherlands where another sharp-shooter, a German soldier trapped behind the swiftly advancing Canadian line, ended his military career with a shot through the arm as he was answering the call for a Medic to attend another fallen soldier. After his convalescence in Holland and England and a boat ride back to Canada, he attended College in Winnipeg to study Theology with a view to returning to Europe.

It was while working at a summer camp in Saskatchewan that he laid eyes on a svelte young co-counselor, named Caroline Janzen (he always joked that she picked up her cross and followed him!) and, seeing as he was on the verge of his 29th birthday and eager to begin his life of service, he wasted no time winning her heart and inquiring as to her interest in spending her life, not just with him, but away from her family on foreign soil. They were of the same mind and barely two months later, October 1951, they were married.

Family followed quickly, as did their planned adventures to Europe. With Jonathan Wesley “Israel” (born 1952) in tow, they sailed aboard the Saxonia from Montreal to the Hague. After a year in the Netherlands and the birth of a second son, Claire Hudson (born 1954), they were off to Germany where they lived and worked for 15 years, adding two daughters, Dawn Joy (1955) and Ruth Annette (1958) to round out their family. Our parents served with several mission agencies, working with international and local students. This meant our home was inevitably filled with the sounds of German, Lebanese, French, Iranian or Moroccan tongues conversing around a table laden with Kuchen and Kaffee, young people seeking connection and hospitality in a strange country, finding welcome with people who believed that everyone belonged at the table, regardless of language, skin color or faith expression.

An invitation to become involved with the newly-formed Free School of Evangelical Theology was answered in the affirmative and meant a move to Basel, Switzerland in 1970 where they lived and taught for almost 30 years. We kids flew the coop from there, leaving them behind, knowing that their nest would never really be empty as long as there was room around their table for one more inquiring mind or searching heart.

In 1999, they wrapped up their life in Europe and “retired” to Kelowna. After settling in, they made annual trips back to Europe to reconnect with those they’d served over the years, as well as to Mesa, Arizona to relax their tired bones in the southern sunshine.

Over the years, Dad authored or co-authored a host of books on church and theology, including a Hebrew and Greek to German translation of the whole Bible.

A fairly sedentary lifestyle led to poor circulation and eventually to double amputation of his legs below the knee. But he soldiered on, being fitted for prostheses at age 95 and walking for an hour a day, five days a week. This past year has been tough on Dad, with Mom passing after 5 years of dementia, daughter Dawn passing from cancer in July of 2021 and the challenge of isolation due to pandemic restrictions.

Those of us who remain are relieved to know Dad’s life continues in a place where there are no tears, where the sun never sets, and where his heavenly Shepherd, whom he loved and served, is making sure his every need is satisfied.

Awaiting reunion are son Israel Jantzen, son Clair (Rachel) Jantzen, daughter Ruth and son-in-law Ed Warkentin; grandchildren, Danielle (Shaun Fell) and Warren (Marika) Jantzen, Amy (Charlie) Heyn, Josh (Alana) Warkentin, Jenice (Matt) Wallace, Juan (Lisa) Warkentin and Luke Pickett; great grandchildren Riley, Ethan, Avery, Myranda, Vanessa, Austin, Elizabeth, Rebekah, Kaylianne, Mikhail, Mabel and Emma; Mom’s remaining brother Doug (Lora) Janzen and family; and brother Hank’s family.

Welcoming him “home” are his wife, Carol, daughter Dawn, granddaughter Hyalite, great granddaughter Audrey, brother Clarence and sister-in-law Erna, brother Norman, sister-in-law Vera Jantzen and other family members.

Our family is grateful to the caring staff of Glenmore Lodge who faithfully loved on our parents as their own. A blessing on all of you for your kindness and professionalism.

Funeral Service will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 10 am from the Chapel of Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Rd, Kelowna. All are welcome. The service will be live-streamed (see below). 

If you send flowers, feel free to do so. Food is also good. If you’d prefer, you could make a monetary donation to Northern Canada Evangelical Mission, a cause dear to our parents’ hearts.

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Saturday, February 19, 2022, at 10:00 am

Springfield Funeral Home

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The service for JANTZEN, Herbert John “Herb” is scheduled for Saturday, February 19, 2022, at 10:00 am. Below you will find the map for the service location and the contact information should you have any questions.

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  • Henry Dirksen says:

    My condolences regarding the passing of your father. God bless you!

  • Harding Braaten says:

    Always appreciated deeply Herb’s in-depth Bible messages at Basel Christian Fellowship back in 1970’s and 1980’s. Since Herb had at one point substituted as the bass singer in the Janz Quartet, so he and Carol were one of our first contacts when Leo and Hildor Janz (and I as their accompanist) moved to Europe to start broadcasting over Radio Luxembourg – back in 1955..

  • Ron Zylla says:

    Condolences to the families from Mom (Helen Zylla, Sharon Warkentin’s mom) and me. Precious memories of Herb and Caroline when Mom & Dad lived in Kelowna. Herb had quite a subtle humour. Sincere Love & Prayer.

  • Viktor and Riitta Steiner says:

    Sincere condolences to all Herb’s offspring. We got to know Herb in Basel and greatly appreciated his faith, kindness and wisdom, reflected in his deep Bible teaching. He has now reached the goal.

  • Tony Zwahlen says:

    Herbert Jantzen was a big example for us in the school Klostermühle (Torchbearers) in Germany. I can remember very well that he was the Teacher with the most Bible Passages from all the ones I met there. When he explained something he always shared so many passages where we can find that what he was just talking about in all the places of the bible. I stll have all the notes from 92/93. I also appreciated that he was a very careful listener. He was always fully concentrated and committed to the question I asked him. A very impressive Man who took God‘s Word 100% for real left us. My condolences are with all the family members. I am very thankful to have known, Herb!
    Best regards Tony

  • Frank Schwarzkopf says:

    Dear children, grandchildren of Herb Jantzen.
    We mourn with you. My wife and I knew Herb & Carol for over 30 years, Later our children, Uncle Herb and Aunt Carol.
    We keep him and Carol in honored memory.
    To me he was a teacher, role model and friend.
    I look forward to seeing him again with Peter, Paul and all the others at Jesus.
    Warmest regards
    God bless
    Family Frank & Petra Schwarzkopf

  • Marilyn (Nesdoly) Shaver says:

    I remember your parents’ missionary photo/card on our fridge.. A life well-lived, now time for ‘welcome home, thou good and faithful servant.’

  • Eric Wong says:

    We recall many fond memories with Herb, specially as he officiated at our marriage in summer 0f 1969, it was also his first marriage ceremony that he performed. Also the many spiritual battles we faced as we started the Basel Christian Fellowship which still continues and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.
    For more than 20 years Herb preached at the Basel Christian Fellowship and many were blessed with his clear exposition of God’s Word and also a number of people came to know our Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
    Herb and Carol contributed much to the life of the Basel Christian Fellowship during their stay in Basel.
    with many fond remembrances
    Eric and Anita Wong-Füglistaller

  • Herbert Klement says:

    Herbert Jantzen was one of my professors at the then FETA, today STH Basel in the 70th. He did the prayer for me at my consecration. Later I invited him for seminars in our work of Christian Endeavor Germany. I’m grateful, I could learn from him a lot.
    With regards for the whole family,
    Herbert Klement, Prof. em. of Old Testament

  • Stephen de Garis says:

    I got to know Herb and Carol Jantzen well in Basel in the late 70s when he preached at the Basel Christian Fellowship and subsequently when he took a small group of us in studying the bible at their flat in Basel. These were times of enrichment and we had the pleasure at least once in inviting them to our new home in the neighbouring canton.. He had great teaching ability and one always understood him, as his teaching was precise. I look back with thanks to God for knowing him and learning from him.. He was born in the same year as one of my brothers and shared the same birthday with another one.
    Stephen de Garis, Switzerland

  • Waltraud Rieckmann says:

    Danke ❣️ Ich hatte nicht die Ehre dieses wunderbare Kind GOTTES kennen zu lernen. Danke für den schönen Nachruf ❣️Mein 💖liches Beileid und Mitgefühl an alle die ihn lieb hatten und ihm eines Tages nachfolgen und mit ihm dann den GUTEN HIRTEN von Angesicht zu Angesicht sehen dürfen 🤗🤗🙋🏼‍♀️JESUS heilt allen Schmerz 🙏🙌💞

  • Gerhard Amstutz says:

    Dear Family,
    everyone who knew Herbert, knows what you lost. Good to know that Herbert is with his saviour now and can see what he believed in! We enjoyed Herbert’s teaching over many years in seminaries he held in Zollikofen / Switzerland. We still have his precious translation of the New Testament and it is a real priviledge to read the bible tranlated by a person we knew that well. When reading that New Testamet I can still hear his voice and his considerations behind the wording!
    We sure keep Herbert in good memories!
    Gerhard Amstutz / Switzerland

  • Elisabeth Römer neé Schnabel says:

    Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen mit Carol und Herb im Himmel! Ihr wart wunderbare Menschen!

  • Ralf Overhoff says:

    Dear Herbert and Caroline Jantzen family,
    I have never had the privilege of knowing personally these two faithful followers. But I have listened to Brother Herbert Jantzen’s talks for many years. They have deeply shaped my knowledge of the greatness and mercy of our God and greatly enriched my sermons.
    The books of Herbert Jantzen and the New Testament continue to bless my ministry to this day. Behind a blessed servant of Jesus is always a loving and strong she-servant. It was the same with Herbert and his wife Caroline Jantzen. Her spiritual legacy continues to bless people.
    Although I have never met either of them in this life, my heart is filled with sadness and joy at the same time. How wonderful that we have a hope that death cannot shatter. I am very excited to meet Herbert and Caroline in the glory with Jesus and look forward to seeing them both again and maybe asking my questions.

    My heartfelt condolences. The living God be with you all!
    Ralph Overhoff
    Preacher, Christian Congregation Issum, Germany

  • Pamela Cartlidge says:

    I first met both Herb and Carol at Basel Christian Fellowship in 1990. I have always held them both in the highest of respect and greatly appreciated Herb’s sermons and teaching sessions held at the Liechti’s home. My heart-felt sympathies are with each family member. God’s richest blessings,

  • Pamela Cartlidge says:

    I met both Herb and Carol at the Basel Christian Fellowship in 1990. I held them both in the hightest of respect. My soul was fed by Herb’s sermons and teaching seesions. I remember him as a humble and gentle man, who loved his Lord and Saviour. My sincere condolences to all the family. Pamela Cartlidge, Basel Switzerland.

  • Dr. Jürgen-Burkhard Klautke says:

    Undoubtedly, I have had many teachers in my life. But hardly anyone I owe as much as Brother Prof Herbert Jantzen. His credible, unconditional respect for the Holy Scriptures, which was expressed in his lectures at the FETA (STH), became decisive for my whole life.

  • Wendelin und Heidi Bonn says:

    Wir freuen uns mit Herbert, dass er am Ziel angekommen ist, auf das er sein ganzes Leben ausgerichtet hatte. In Liebe und großer Dankbarkeit durften wir mit Herbert und Carol verbunden sein. Durch viele Kassetten und Seminarbesuche hat Herbert uns in der Lehre gefestigt und geistlich weitergeführt. Während seiner Dienste in Deutschland durften wir Herbert und Carol bei uns im Schwarzwald öfters willkommen heißen, wo Herbert uns auch in viel Geduld unsere gesammelten schwierigen Fragen beantwortete. Auch für sein Neues Testament in deutscher Fassung sind wir sehr dankbar.
    Wir werden Herbert und Carol niemals vergessen und freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen in der ewigen Herrlichkeit.
    Wendelin und Heidi Bonn, München

  • Thomas Franz Bernreuther says:

    Wir wollen als Familie Ihnen wissen lassen, dass wir Ihnen in dieser Stunde nahe sind. Gott gebe Euch Kraft und die Gewissheit, Herbert ist beim HERRN.

  • Willi und Helena Ertel says:

    Wir freuen uns sehr Eheleute Jantzen kennen gelernt zu haben in Bad Schwartau. Wir haben gerne den beiden zugehört und von ihnen eine Menge gelernt. Deren geistliche Werdegang ist ein sehr gutes Vorbild.

  • Mark Walker says:

    I met Herb when my father invited him to a youth winter camp for the Bible studies. He came twice., bringing Clair and Dawn with him. Through Herb I decided on Basel where he thaught for my seminary training. He was also my mentor, and I disagreed with him often, and admired his patience in carefully and always respectfully pointing me to Scripture and challenging me to figure them out! He was also our counsellor. In one major conflict I asked him how I should conduct myself. He pointed out that we young people have a keener sese of “justice” – in tune with how much of the total picture we perceive. The the issue is not justice, but that regardless the challenge, we must have only one conern: The the LORD might be glorified at the outcome by our being in line with HIS purposes and not in HIS way! That stuck! Till this day.! Also, that he would frequently pray after a lecture: “Lord, help them to remember everything that was of YOU as long as they live! Give grace that they might forget what was of me – before they leave this room!” !!! Much more to tell, many deep and shaping memories in store! Clair, share your email address with me if you want to hear more! Summary: The older I became, the more sense I could make of what Herb was imparting to me through word and example decades ago!!! I wonder if Herb has met up with my mom and dad yet. They were called home last year about this time! Blessings – or as your dad would now say: “Bleib treu!”

  • Kaliba - Trieb says:

    Unser auf richtiges Mitgefühl

  • Billy says:

    One day i searched for a sermon about something (i really can´t remember), i was very young in faith, and i found a preacher, it was Herbert. I was so amazed by his focus on words and their meanings, the way he used to explain God and his word… since that day, (about 6 years ago) i listen to every sermon of him, that i could found, later i started to buy books, and i still on the search.
    I thank God for this man, i leanred a lot, and am still learning.
    Grace and peace from God and our Lord Jesus Christ be with you

  • Robert L. Peters says:

    My condolences to your family… fine memories re: the decades spent as friends in Europe.

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