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Passed away July 18, 2013 in Kelowna BC. She is survived by her Mother Noreen A. Larent, Sister Noreen L., Brother Rocko, Sister Lynne, and Brother Nathen, niece Noreen M. and nephews Alex and Terrance. Sadly predeceased by her Father Lucien Larente.

Lauren started in the floral industry as a teenager in 1967. By the year 1971 she was a well rounded florist and a top floral designer. She was a member of the Canadian Professional Floral designers Association. In 1981 Lauren worked as a designer, display co-ordinator and as head sales person for Ford Flechar wholesale florist company. From May 1986 to November of 1999 Lauren was employed by Forest Lawn Funeral Home as Senior designer. Lauren worked for Grace McCarthy M.L.A. in the Hotel Vancouver Shop. On and off Lauren would also work with her good friend designer James of Vancouver. Lauren moved to Kelowna to be with her family and opened her own business Flower Affairs and Qual Cottage Gifts. She received many certificates and rewards for her work in her field. She was well known and loved.

From her Mother:

L is for the light you shed around you

A is for its aura, bright as day

U is for the universe where I found you

R is for the radiance, of your way

E is for your eyes, alight with candor

N is for the now that is in your name

May life and fate fulfil your fondest aim.

We believe it is a blessing she is out of pain and her spirit is no longer trapped. We will think of her every day.


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