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Kevin’s journey started a new adventure on September 18, 2020, where he is in divine sleep, now awaiting Jesus’ return. He has left so many friends, family and loved ones behind who will have to catch up and join him in their own time.  Kevin is survived by his high school sweetheart of 23 years, Dawn; his two amazing children Hayden and Isla; his father Ken (Linda) Littlechilds; his mother Kathy (Daniel Quintal); and his brother Kris (Jonathan Wu).

A spirited and strong-willed little boy, Kevin got into a lot of trouble with his brother Kris cleaning up behind. Kevin was intuitive, kind-hearted and passionate about helping others, teaching both inside and outside the classroom. His childhood experiences and his wild younger years allowed him to empathize and connect with children and youth in particular who were having a challenging time. He chose his mission statement and helped others find theirs, either formally or informally through his actions. It reads “I am a Courageous, Trusting Man of Adventure, Laughing with GOD in a Constant Discovery of an Authentic Life, Freely Teaching and Empowering Others.” Kevin believed that any subject could and should be discussed. He enjoyed teaching kids and adults about his cancer journey. He graciously and openly discussed his brain cancer, treatments, faith, and death, focusing on life rather than the diagnosis. He believed EVERY moment was a teachable moment, and this helped every person around him, especially his young children. We will likely continue learning from Kevin throughout our lives.

Kevin’s journey would not have been so positive without the exceptional support and guidance of many people including Dr. Greg Dueck, Dr. Mary Wall, Dr. Germain, Dr. Macmillan, Dr. Govender, Dr. Yavin, Dr. Scott Williamson. Kevin appreciated every person who had a hand in his experience, whether you sanitized the handle he touched, made his food, supported his family, provided his care and treatment, or worked behind the scenes at BC Cancer – Kelowna and KGH. These included employees in DI/MRI, 4W, 3E, ICU, including clerks, nurses, pharmacy staff, secretaries, care aides, house moms, support service workers, counsellors, home care, hospice, emergency personnel, and more.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, a private family service was held on Friday, September 25, 2020 at 10:00 am. Since we know that so many family, friends and former students would have liked to have attended Kevin’s service, it is available to view Livestream (see below). 

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to one of the following: Okanagan Christian School at www.ocskelowna.com/Giving (choose option 1 for gifts made in Kevin’s memory), 1035 Hollywood Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1X 4N3. OCS was the only school where Kevin worked as a teacher; BC Cancer Foundation, Patient Emergency Fund at bccancerfoundation.com/ways-donate/gift-memory (Specify this is “In Memory of Kevin Littlechilds”), The Patient Emergency Fund provides support to patients for expenses not usually covered while someone is undergoing cancer treatment, such as travel, local transportation, personal bills, accommodation, medications, dental care and rehabilitation services, which can amount to thousands of dollars for those who do not have other forms of coverage.


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