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A Social Justice Champion

With the Canadian Federal Election just weeks away, Emily Pacholuk, a politically active woman is the choice resident to profile this month.

Emily grew up as a part of a large loving family in Manitoba. These were happy days for her, but her truest happiness and fulfillment came when she was fighting for the rights of people. Although she did not graduate as a teenager, she was hired by the B.C. Government to run the Ministry of Social Development in the Fraser Lake area of northern British Columbia. As an adult, while filling a social work role full time, she also studied to finish her grade 12 education, being the first adult to attend public school there, paving the way for others.

Meanwhile, in her “spare” time, Emily was busy planning events and lining up guest speakers as part of her campaign to draw awareness to the need for Women’s Rights to be granted, respected and guarded. This was her passion. She was held in very high esteem by women throughout the province. Once, while at a social work conference in Vancouver, each attendee had to introduce him or herself. When she said her name, a person on the other side of the room call out Emily Pacholuk … “THE Emily Pacholuk”? She then was called to the stage so everyone could see, applaud and honour her.

Another one of her accomplishments was being in charge of Crisis Line for the northern part of the province of B.C. sometimes more. With all of Emily’s involvement in bringing light to the injustices towards women and others in need, it was not surprising that she had strong political ties. Emily extended hospitality to Dave Barrett, the B.C. Premier in the 1970’s, whenever he travelled up north where she lived.

Also, in the 1970’s Emily was nominated as 1 of 20 Canadians to be flown to China in the time of tearing down the wall. These Canadians were chosen because of their dedication to social justice and freedom for all people, and were honoured there for 10 days.

Emily was an avid bridge player, enjoyed the Casino, she played a mean game of Texas Hold’em. Her fruit pies from wild berries (huckleberry, strawberry) and especially apple were “amazing.”

In her younger days Emily would be seen riding on the back of a motorcycle up the coast of California, she loved James Dean and at the time, wanted to have a peek at the Rebel.

Was Emily a Rebel? Hell yes … she was a Rebel WITH a cause!! (Written by Jenny Reink)

Emily passed away on September 30, 2015 at the age of 80. She is survived by her daughter Barbarah, sons Michael, Daniel; grandchildren Allison, David, Whitney, Matthew; great grandchild Lily, her sister Margaret Malowski and many beautiful relatives and friends.

Emily, you are an amazing strong, inspiring lady and we are honoured to have

known you, We will miss you. Rest in Peace Now.

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