We Remember

SEIFRIET, Donald Allen & Sandra Sharon

DA and Sandra Seifriet passed away together on March 30, 2023. DA and Sandra wish is that you live the life that you imagine, and cheer on those you influence, to do the same. Life is a blessing. It is not about time-lived, but the joy-and-love-in-living. Simply, recognize your gifts, what you value, realize they are your purpose and genuinely, share them with the universe. Owe nothing.

Sandra, originally from Beausejour Manitoba, acknowledges her parents Elsie & Jacob Seifriet; her sister Karen Guse (Gerry); her ‘sisters’ Janica, Jeanette, ‘Fish’, Tracey and John and so many friends who showed up in Life to honour her and DA and throughout this eventful passage.

DA had the good fortune of being the boy amongst sisters. All six siblings, born to Hilda and William. DA cherishes his parents and these five ladies: Ruth Mitcheler, Florence Streick, Betty Engel, Joyce Engel, and Marjorie Weise. His daughter Shannon Scobie, grandson Caeden and DA’s son “My Gary” (Stephane Law) and granddaughter Charli, all gathering in honour of family and life well-lived.

Both DA & Sandra moved separately from Winnipeg, MB to Calgary, AB, and then retired comfortably in Kelowna, BC for golf, good wine, and recreation.

A Letter to Sandra & DA

We trust in Life to keep on generously giving
another day, not promised
yet-to-be nostalgically missed

your enduring mutual Love,
shared forever, since school kids
from this we form a circle
of grief equal to our love
and raise you up
with grateful hearts and hands
in thoughtful collaboration
by M.A.I.D.

we treasure what we have
because of you
and the potential
that you wish for us
you have asked for nothing, ever
as you launch in pursuit of soulful,
a continued life together
beyond the human experience

we are fueled by the spirit of you, always
knowing what you want
and how you want it

Sandra, those infamous
slow-rolling eyes, micro-messages
telling stories, an art
that couldn’t be misinterpreted

and sweet DA,
by your exhibition of wisdom,
and a thoughtfulness mixed with grace,
truly a kind, caring, generous, consistent effort
in business and in pleasure

… we release you
to the sounds of cheering, already
as you take a seat amongst our ancestors


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