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June 12, 1927 — April 17, 2014

It is with great sadness that we announce the loss of Tom Sheppard on April 17th, 2014

Less than a month after Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight from New York to Paris, Tom Sheppard was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, June 12th 1927. Tom is survived by his devoted wife Marlene. They were married for 63 years and 4 months. Tom is also survived by his brother Jack, sons Stephen, Dan, Jed and Sean, grandsons Jordan, Micah, Devan, Derek, Justin, Jason, Clinton, Ryan, Joshua, Zacherie, great grandchildren Malachia, Ethan & Brianna.

Tom grew up in the 30’s, and acquired a Spartan capable mentality early on, … he quickly excelled in skills such as mechanics, electricity, carpentry, plumbing, and he loved tending his garden and canning preserves. Later, he fine-tuned his skills for making bread, beer & wine. “Tom terrific” loved his workshop projects. When he was 14, he purchased his first car, a 1931 Model A … for $55. He promptly disassembled it completely … and then reassembled, just so he could figure out how it worked.


Tom liked “doing” more than talking. His instinctive mechanical abilities earned him the reputation “Mr. Fix-it”. He reveled in the diagnosis of the hardest repair challenges. It didn’t matter if it was an elevator, a watch, a washing machine or whatever! He was never without his tool bag in the trunk of the car. Upon arriving for visits he’d sometimes ask with a big willing smile: What would you like me to fix this time? His natural tinkering skills led him to a job in the elevator and escalator industry where he worked for almost a half century up until his retirement.

Tom was also very interested in figuring things out in a spiritual way. He had a lot of Bible discussions going on in his late teens and early 20’s with his circle of friends. Prior to their marriage, he and his future bride Marlene studied the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses and he was happy to get answers to his many questions.

Tom has always been a quiet man. He wouldn’t be the first to air his opinions in a group. Unlike other members of the family, he didn’t verbally compete to have the “floor”. Tom seemed to enjoy listening more.

The only time Tom consistently became talkative is when it came to talking about his faith; he loved chatting on a spiritual level. Despite the sadness of his loss, we can feel a profound joy as we celebrate a life well lived.

There are no “skeletons in Tom’s closet”. He fought the fine fight, prevailed and has left a legacy of diligent service and heartwarming memories. He expected this “present reality” to be a short “nap”, as his confidence in the resurrection promise remained sure and firm. (Job 14:14-15)

Tom loved life and cherished our Father’s promise that one day soon, we’ll be enjoying it forever.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday April 26th at 2pm at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, located at 10194 Bottom Wood Lake Rd. in Winfield (past Kelowna).   For those wishing to send a condolence, photos or share memories, may do so by scrolling down this page to the area called “Share Your Condolences.”



Saturday April 26th at 2pm

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses,

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