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November 4, 1948 — November 30, 2023

John Stadnyk passed away suddenly at the age of 75 on November 30, 2023.

John, a man whose wit was as sharp as his culinary skills. He lived life with a flair for both food and fixing things. His kitchen was a haven where the tantalizing aroma of perogies and the sweetness of his baked carrot cake delighted not just his family, but the entire neighbourhood, friends, and even his dentist!  A true culinary enthusiast, he found joy in both creating delectable dishes and relishing the flavours of Chinese cuisine. But his talents didn’t stop in the kitchen; John was a “Tinker-er” extraordinaire, turning his hands to fix and craft anything in need. While building a shed, he patiently shared his construction expertise with his son, Dave, and his grandson, Darryl. Additionally, during some renovations, he also imparted his knowledge to Dave. Both experiences were a reflection of his endless care.

In his home, where he resided for many years, he cultivated not just a garden but a community of love and support. He’d go to any lengths to lend a helping hand.

Music was the soundtrack of his life, spanning from the classics to Shania Twain, Elvis, and the Beach Boys. He could dance to “Twist and Shout” with an energy that lit up any gathering.

John’s adventurous spirit took his kids on thrilling motorbike trips and memorable adventures to Disneyland, creating cherished memories that lasted a lifetime. And when he sought solace, he found peace by the water, indulging in the tranquility of fishing.

John Stadnyk, a chef, a fixer, an endless well of love, and all round funny guy. His value wasn’t just in what he made or repaired, but in how he touched hearts and brought smiles to everyone.

John leaves behind his daughter Kerry Stadnyk and her partner Mike, as well as grandchildren Ryan, Jenna, and Danika. He also leaves behind his son, Dave Stadnyk, and daughter-in-law, Mary, as well as grandchildren Alyssa, Emily, Rory, Darryl, Savannah, Wyatt, Destiny, and Dennis.

A service to honour John will be held at a later date.

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