The Reception

The final component of a good Memorial Event, which typically takes place later in the day after a traditional funeral or memorial service, is the reception. There is the saying goodbye that takes place during the funeral service, and it begs the question of “What’s next?” The reception is the time when we begin to address that. It’s that transition time between the sad reality of the day and that life moves forward , there is more to come.

A reception is typically less formal and more of an intimate time with family and friends. There is food and refreshments, which helps people relax a little bit and be more comfortable. People share tears and hugs. They share stories. During this time a lot of love and support is expressed for the bereaved family. This is the time to really connect with the family and friends by offering your physical and mental presence.

We also suggest that you continue to visit and connect with the bereaved family in the days, weeks and months after the funeral service and the reception. The day itself is very taxing, both physically and emotionally, but there is a lot of activity and as a result there isn’t a lot of time to think about the loss. It’s after, when the busyness of the day subsides and people leave, when the true weight of grief and pain sets in. So stay present, stay connected in the lives of people who have lost a loved one, because it’s a hard journey moving forward.