Q: What is the difference between a Funeral Service and a Memorial Service?

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- Ramona Sousa


In my mind, a funeral service involves something with the presence of the deceased in the event. Open or closed casket, in regards to that. A private viewing perhaps before for family, intimate friends.

A memorial means that the body has already been buried – or has already been cremated – and the service is in their memory. It still is very personal. It’s still about the person. It’s just the physical presence of their body isn’t there. In both cases – be it funerals of memorials – we still honour the person’s life, it’s still about them.

Now a term sometimes mixing, making it even more convoluted is the idea of a Celebration of Life. Celebration of a Life, I think,  is more of an idea and a description of what we are doing. Whether we do that with the body present or without the body present, you know, is still what we are accomplishing in doing.