Q: Are burials outdated?

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- Ramona Sousa


A traditional funeral service accomplished wonderful things for people in the past. And I think letting go of all of the elements of that is really robbing ourselves of some of the richness of what we’ve known. Of some of the richness of the experience of our grandparents, and the key is making it relevant and fresh in today’s experience.

Burial was what was the norm. It was only been in the last, probably, 25 years that the North American average even tipped past 50% of people selecting cremation.

A contemporary funeral can still have burial as an option. Burial is traditional. It’s something that, you know, our past generations have, have kind of defaulted to, but that doesn’t mean that it’s out of date. Um, there is definitely quite a few different areas of cemeteries that are opening up that are more garden-themed and a little bit more conducive to personalizing. And headstones even are getting a lot more personal. You can even incorporate your own family photos onto different bronze markers and even granite markers as well.

So is it an old fashioned thing? Sure. Is it an opportunity to, uh, still connect with the best of who we are as people, yes. But lets do it in a fresh and a new way. In a way that really connects with the, the generations that are coming. And create new traditions where we can.