Q: Burial vs. Cremation

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- Ramona Sousa


When families are making the decision of Burial vs. Cremation, it is a very personal choice.

Both procedures are a form of – the word be disposition – how is the body cared for or disposed of.

Cremation definitely has its benefits as far as holding off on a service until family members can, can actually come and gather; and the option of scattering cremains is pretty meaningful to people as well.

For myself, if my wife or one of my children passed away, I would bury them. My father just died – we buried him. Things I like about that is that there is a sense of completeness within the day of the service.

I like the idea of we are living beings, just like every other living organism and going back to the earth is, kind of, what we can give back in our cycle of life.

In the act of burying, we in fact memorialize; we establish a place of permanence at the gravesite. But with cremation, you know, ‘ve done that process, now it’s time memorialize. And so in that way, I think burial is simpler, I think it’s more environmentally sensitive, easy. I think what cremation is not understood by for most people is that it’s an end in itself. A cremation is actually just a process towards what I would call “final disposition”.

The “Burial – Cremation” question is just another form of disposition. Everything prior to that – the ceremony, the closure, saying goodbye to the person, the service, the funeral – that is the same.