Q: Can an executor make changes to a pre-arrangement?

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- Ramona Sousa


When the executor comes in, if there are some changes to those prearrangements that they would like to make, uh, yes, they can make changes.

What can’t be changed, uh – at least under law in BC – would be your stated, uh, preference for disposition, that being either burial or cremation. Um, on the other hand, by way of a court order, if you were able to demonstrate hardship, um, that really would be the only way to make that change.

The whole point of a prearrangement is that you have given the outline, the framework of what you deem to be responsible. You have said to them, “I believe in burial or cremation. I would like to have myself memorialized at this location. Uh, here’s what I think would be a nice venue for a service.” A lot of the intricate parts inside – it should be up to the children. That is how they engage in the experience.

We always encourage and element of flexibility, um, allowing for fine-tuning to the at-need circumstances.