Q: Can I keep cremated remains at home?

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- Ramona Sousa


One of the benefits of cremation is that you choose what you would like to do with those cremains.

My suggestion to any person asking what to do with cremated remains, is whatever is in your heart. Whatever gives you comfort.

So quite often family members will keep the cremains at home in something that looks like an urn – it’s very clearly an urn. Or there is, we have quite a selection here – and any funeral home has selection of urns that you don’t necessarily know there is cremains in there. It could be a picture frame. It could be a really nice, actually, a piece of art.

For folks deciding to keep, uh, cremated remains or an urn at home, uh, goodness gracious, please let other know. Uh, People have come to me after the fact and say, “Well my aunt died and you know, we found this box in her, in her closet. I think it’s uncle’s Franks cremated remains. You know, what do we do?”

I guess you just want to make sure that nothing will happen to them down the road. Be it a house fire or something that could maybe compromise them. That, that would be a, that would be a real sorrow, something that you couldn’t actually reverse.

So it’s important to, you know, be thoughtful and to communicate with your family if cremated remains are being kept in the home.