Q: Cremation vs. Alkaline Hydrolysis – What is it?

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- Ramona Sousa


There is even now a new thing that’s been coming out that we’ve started to contemplate. It’s called Alkaline Hydrolysis. It’s a natural, biological form of cremation.

It’s similar to cremation in that a body is placed into a chamber or a vault to be broken down into our mineral component – our most basic component – but instead of cremation being flame and fire, Alkaline Hydrolysis uses, uh, the extreme alkaline liquid base that ends up washing the body, and, which breaks it down.

It is still the reduction of the human body to its elemental bone self – same as burial or cremation is body to bones. But the by-product from it, is it uses very little energy. Um, we are looking at and seeing 75% less carbon footprint, we are looking at over, you know, 30% less energy input. So there is no emissions, as far as emissions into the atmosphere as there is with, with cremation.

I think Alkaline Hydrolysis – or flameless cremation, is a better way of understanding it – it’s definitely going to be a part of our future, but I also think that it’s gonna take quite a while before people understand what it is, and, um, really the benefits of it.