Q: Do funeral services need to have a religious component?

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- Ramona Sousa


First of all, a service doesn’t need to be religious.

The service should reflect the person’s life, the deceased life. Um, if the person was a religious person and, uh, church going, uh, it should reflect that.

Where faith, uh, wasn’t a priority or isn’t a priority in a person’s life, those elements are completely optional, and actually for some people, even inappropriate. I think that the objective that we have here at Springfield Funeral Home, at least in that arrangement process is, to filter through those elements and to determine what’s gonna be most meaningful and most helpful, um, at the service.

How much faith is involved in a service is going to be a personal choice. It’s going to be a reflection of the person’s values and their belief systems. We do so many funerals in our chapel here where the people did not attend church, or they did sporadically, or it was something from their youth. Well, the question is then to them, “How much of that do you wish to revisit?”

The service is just to facilitate everyone getting together, everyone gathering, and, and talking about the person, and remembering the person. And not only for that family to express their love and how much that person meant to them, but everyone that was in that person’s life gets to come in and share and almost, kind of, boast that “Yes, this person was a part of my life as well.”