Q: Do I need a casket for cremation?

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- Ramona Sousa


When a deceased person is cremated, uh, some type of container is required by law for the remains to be placed in.

You don’t need a traditional casket for cremation, but you do need what’s called a cremation casket. So that’s something that is, is not as elaborate as a burial casket as far as different colours and finishes.

It allows us to physically take the person and get them into the crematorium. It, it is needed. Now, does it need to be elaborate? No. We have very plain, your proverbial pine box.

It’s a dignified way of placing a person into a crematorium. Having said that, if you are wanting to have a viewing or have a body present at a service, you still can have…there still are decorative cremation caskets that are made that still look very nice and look like a casket which are also appropriate to go into the crematorium as well.