Q: Role of technology in a contemporary funeral

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- Ramona Sousa


I think that one of the most amazing elements of modern funeral service is the ability to integrate technology. Um, it was reflecting on my own experience of, uh, my father dying that I realized that the most meaningful part of that was reconnecting with the story that was his life.

I think that technology helps us do that better. Uh, I think that a lot of what the upcoming and modern generations are about is uh, is trying to be more real. And, uh, making those connections with the person’s life through photos, um, thought music, combining those in slide shows, in video presentations, um, helps that story come to life. We’ve developed a – what I call a Memories Lab – right here in our facility, where we can do that with families, actually build the productions in a short period of time at a, at a really professional level.

One of the other elements of technology that helps with that reconnecting is utilizing the Internet through streaming of the service live. People from anywhere in the world can be present right here in the chapel, and be a part of what’s happening here, what’s being said, and can feel the part. Had a situation even where, um, a family member from abroad was able to offer a tribute and a eulogy – as an element of the service – because of the way we set up a Skyping situation. And there they were, right up at front of the chapel, offering tribute to the family.

Remembering and being remembered for years to come, I think is a need that we all have. Creating archival material, helping families with, um, you know, those few nuggets that will be kept and will be remembered with time is part of what technology is very helpful for and it’s what we are using to pursue, to make that real for people.