Q: What is embalming? Is it necessary?

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- Ramona Sousa


The moment we die, our body begins the process of decomposing. And so it’s important for the care of the body to anticipate public health and safety concerns, not just for staff here at the funeral home, but for the family and for the general public.

Embalming isn’t always necessary, and everyone has the option to say “Yes” or “No” to embalming, but there are certain cases where a death occurs and it might not be sanitary or it might not be safe for family members or the public to to view and be able to touch the bodywithout embalming.

Embalming is actually a procedure which does three things: it preserves, it restores, and it disinfects.

It’s not a very invasive procedure, however we do add a chemical mixture into the body which then disperses to the whole body and really cleans it, helping to keep it in a natural state. This also allows the embalmer to clean the hair and face and set the features into a natural aesthetic.

Springfield Funeral Home costs start at $275 for a standard embalming procedure – allowing for a comfortable and more natural goodbye experience.