Q: What is the point of a fancy casket?

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- Ramona Sousa


I think in, in our life, there are times when we find that extravagance is appropriate. That could be a first date, uh, that could be something like a wedding or a special anniversary where – in ourselves – we want to give an expression of extravagance because it’s appropriate.

Having different selection caskets, as well as a fancy casket, can, can relate to a wedding dress or your wedding invitations or the vehicle that you drive. As far as what speaks to you, what appeals to you, what, what means something to you. Having something very decorative, um, might be you or might speak to your feelings towards the person or what they’ve talked about.

I’ve had people make their casket decisions solely on the type of furniture mom and dad had in their house. And they’ve walked in the room and they’ve seen something and said, “Oh, it’s the same colour and staining that, that my mom always chose for her furniture.” The reasons why people choose what they do, are limitless.

Having that choice and having those options for everybody is, is what we try to do.

If what’s most appropriate is, um, simplicity, well then extravagance would be inappropriate. And so, you know, I wanna respect, first of all, what an individual needs and wants. And the only thing I ever wanna sell anyone is what’s appropriate.