Q: What should I bring to a funeral service?

Find a funeral home like Springfield, where you can trust the people, where you can feel comfortable working with people who will help you celebrate your loved one in a way that will honour and bless them and the family.

- Ramona Sousa


I think the most important thing that anyone can bring to a service really is yourself. It’s your presence that communicates the most.

Coming to a funeral service with time, not having restrictions on when you have to leave but coming there and a card is always nice. Families really appreciate, when all is said and done, and they are looking through and that somebody wrote a nice note. There’s nothing better than a hand-written note or something written on a card, but bringing yourself and just not being rushed for time is really all you need to bring.

Where there is going to be a refreshments and a reception time afterwards, feel free to bring some items. My wife, she is more of if I’m gonna do something, she is cooking meals, she is bringing something to the house, and she usually tries to even do it after the funeral.

If you find in yourself something creative to do, by way of a craft, by way of a memory, a piece of music, you know, sharing a story, writing out a story or a memory, is an amazingly precious thing for a family to receive. Cards if sympathy with well-expressed thoughts and memories are very precious to families after the fact. With my dad’s own funeral we were inundated. We had over 100 cards to go through. And just going through that pile of really what is love, was very meaningful to us.