Q: Why do we memorialize?

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- Ramona Sousa


The idea of memorialzing is very important because it is about a place.

Um, when someone dies, their memory – even in us – fades, over time. A place, where human remains are kept and cared for, for perpetuity, is what memorialization is about. The importance of it, I think is most – at least in my experience, my personal experience – has to do with significant moments of time and events, and even seasons in the year. Where knowing that there is a place to go where the poignancy of my memory of dad is very strong.

I find that a lot of people say they like that. They like to go somewhere when they wanna have a talk, they want to get something off their chest. Be it Mothers Day, Fathers Day, a special anniversary.

Having a specific location where someone remains are either buried or interred or put in a niche in a columberium somewhere, provides, provides a sense of completeness, it offers a continuity from the past to the future.