Testimonial: Aftercare: grief counselling

Find a funeral home like Springfield, where you can trust the people, where you can feel comfortable working with people who will help you celebrate your loved one in a way that will honour and bless them and the family.

- Ramona Sousa


“Uh, the counselling that they provide here is, is amazing.”

“They have a letter that goes out and it explained that Clair Jantzen would, um, have a ten-week course, minimum fee, and if you’d like to come and join in in a grief sharing group.”

“And Clair was very, very wonderful facilitator.”

“Little by little, we each found out the different feelings, the emotions, the things that we went though, other people were going through. So you were not the only one, when we were sitting at home, thinking, “Well, we’re the only ones going through this.”

“It just sort of helped you to understand what you’re going through, and why, and what you are going through is perfectly normal.”

“At the end of the ten weeks, we didn’t want it to be over.”

“In retrospect I thought it was really part of the healing, and part of the process, and I think mom really appreciated the support she got through the group.”