Testimonial: Funeral Service: make it your own

Find a funeral home like Springfield, where you can trust the people, where you can feel comfortable working with people who will help you celebrate your loved one in a way that will honour and bless them and the family.

- Ramona Sousa


“You have to have your own, you know, your own service. It wasn’t, “Now we’re gonna do this. Now we’re gonna do that. Now we’re gonna do this.”

“We were not coerced into having to do this, that or the other thing. They allowed us freedom to make it unique.”

“They gave us suggestions, but otherwise I think we had our input as much as we wanted.”

“As a family, coming together, and making the decisions from the little details to the bigger, bigger issues around dad’s funeral and the service.”

“There were a lot of personalities in the room, and David could definitely, he knew how to neutralize personalities and bring the best of everything that was gonna happen, um, to the forefront, so that we, we didn’t have to fight about it.”

“He would call us all by name, saying “Well, what do you think?” You know, to make us all feel that we’re a part of it. Even though I am the oldest and I am having to make a lot of the decisions, they allowed them to say what they needed to say. And it was great, because it’s not like the pressure didn’t seem to be all on me, because they included my family.”

“We felt right through the process that we were listed to and that, that we were really guiding the end result.”