Testimonial: Reconnect: with family and friends

Find a funeral home like Springfield, where you can trust the people, where you can feel comfortable working with people who will help you celebrate your loved one in a way that will honour and bless them and the family.

- Ramona Sousa


“It’s important to have family and friends around at a time like that.”

“Dad had 8 grand kids. And they actually have an amazing, they had an amazing experience with the whole family and support and seeing all the community people gathered to pay their respects to, to my dad.”

“It gives you healing, especially when you see your friends there, your family, relatives. And I think it really did a lot to me.”

“Part of grieving is to be able to talk about that person. And sometimes there is tears, sometimes there is laughing. But that’s part of how we have to get over that that person is gone.”

“Getting together is something we just love doing, and so that was great in having the other family members coming from different areas, was, is, was great.”

“I was able to meet people that I hadn’t seen for ages. Friends of ours, personal – of the, of my brothers and sisters – that we hadn’t seen for a long time. Heard about daddy’s funeral and they came. So it was really a gathering of hearts. And everyone had a little story, even if I didn’t think they knew daddy very well, they had, they had a story to tell.”