Tour: The Memorialization Room at Springfield Funeral Home

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- Ramona Sousa


This our Memorialization Room. On display is a wide variety of monuments.

When someone has selected burial, it becomes rather obvious that there is a place to mark. With cremation, a large variety of other choices arise.

We find a lot of people wish to scatter with cremation. Usually due to the fact that they have a sentiment or a romantic feeling towards a certain place. The difficulty with that is that it’s not always easy to get back to that location for contemplation, reflection.

In Canada, cemeteries are set aside as a permanent memorial. It’s land which cannot be changed, will not be redeveloped. I have families with cremation who quite often sometimes still scatter a portion of the cremated remains where there is some sentiment, and then have another location at the cemetery.

Be it Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, whatever the reasons may be, to have place – not just for yourself – but for future generations so say, “Here was this person. They’ve lived; they’ve died. And they have been having a spot which has been set aside and marked.”

I find it interesting to see how people quite often pour a lot of themselves and thought into what goes onto that monument. The saying goes, “If it’s written in stone, it’s forever.” And I’ve seen some very clever and some very sweet sentiments that come through at times like that.