Now I Lay Thee Down To Rest

May 28, 2014

Laying to rest…. I think these words are meant just as much as the survivors as the deceased.  Laying a person to rest allows the family to be at rest, knowing that they have taken care of the person they loved up until the last possible moment.

I’ve heard people say, “It’s just a body, they’re not there anymore.”  Their mentality may be that who cares what happens to a body after death?  Try telling that to parents who are stripped of that choice, that right.  A daughter on a hike who was never found?  Drowning victims who are never located?  Until a family physically can lay their loved one to rest they are not themselves at rest.

Slocan Lake Canoe Accident  The entire community in the  Slocan Lake area is at unrest searching for their three missing young adults.

 People like Sandy and Gene Ralston know exactly what this means to parents, spouses, children, siblings, and communities.  They are a couple who have years of watercraft experience began assisting families in searching for their loved ones 12 years ago.  Since then they have purchased pricey equipment to amp up their efforts and have found over 80 bodies!

What made me tear up while getting ready for work this morning while listening to our local CBC radio morning show was a recording of the local reporter announcing that this Idaho couple will only accept payment for their travel expenses, and don’t even request it.

This shows how powerful it is to allow families to complete care for their loved one.   Whatever that care may be.


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